Parker Stevenson in "McTaggart's Fortune"

Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy from FC's Season 4) has just finished filming a new independent movie in Monterey, CA. He plays the role of Richard Heywood in the adventure comedy "McTaggart's Fortune".
The movie is about three high school students who search for a lost treasure in their home town, only to evade police and escape the phantoms who guard the stolen fortune.

Stevenson (57) was reunited with former "Hardy Boys" co-star Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon #1 from "Dynasty") who stars as Sgt. Jeanine Bowman.
In 1974, they already played together in "Our Time".

As the movie is still in post-production, there is no release date announced yet. We'll keep you updated.

This is a recent picture of Parker from "McTaggart's Fortune":

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