Season 1 DVD Release

Hey Folks,

Sorry, in the last weeks I was too busy to post.

Well, what has happened in the meantime? Yeah, the long awaited DVD release. :-)
Finally, we got the first season on DVD. Isn't it great?

I was totally excited when I received it.
The quality is fine (don't forget it's an old series and WB refuses to remaster their old TV shows).
A bit strange is the fact that there are certain scenes in EP #004 and #011 that have been remastered or have ben digitalized from the original negative. The difference is clearly visible.
The picture is brilliant and full of color. I wish the whole series would have been treated that way.

The package design is different in various countries. I really like the Skandinavian version as it looks a bit more high-quality than the German one.

Please visit the Falcon Crest Fanclub to read a detailed review.

Well, for sure there are certain things that could have made better. For example the missing teasers in the Spanish and German version. I'm really angry about the fact that they are not on the German and Spanish DVDs as they are included in the Skandinavian version.
And the menu looks a bit cheap.
But hey, finally we got our DVD release and I hope it will continue. ;-))

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