Master of the Game DVD Release

Does anyone remember the mini series "Master of the Game" with Dyan Cannon from 1984?
Well, it was really worth watching it and I highly recommend it (as much as I remember it. Haven't seen it since then).

This miniseries has had its DVD release this year in March (for some reasons I absolutely missed it)..

What has this to do with Falcon Crest? Well, not much, I guess... But... you can see Leslie Caron in a small role. Caron later guest starred as evil Nicole Sauguet on Falcon Crest. Oh, and one of the main stars is Harry Hamlin. Some of you might remember him as ex-husband of Laura Johnson (Terry on Falcon Crest). And he also has a child with Ursula Andress who guest starred as Madam Malec on Falcon Crest. So, there are some connections to Falcon Crest ;-))
Just wanted to let you know in case there are some more fans of this great miniseries who might have missed the DVD release, too... ;-))

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Dennis Alexis Hellström said...

This was released in Sweden last year but I didn't like it that much. They also released "If Tomorrow Comes" in Sweden at the same time, much better! :)

Melissa said...

Laura Johnson and Ursula Andress shared the same man... Makes sense since they're both the same age...