Lorenzo Lamas surprised by George Bush

First of all I have to say this: I'm really not a Bush fan (can't stand both of them) but it's a news information about Lorenzo so I put it on the blog...

Here's an article from seacostonline.com:

George and Barbara Bush surprise audience at Ogunquit show


OGUNQUIT — It's not often a former U.S. president and his wife demonstrate a soft-shoe routine on a local stage, but that was an unannounced special feature that delighted a Sunday matinee audience at the Ogunquit Playhouse last weekend.

George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara were among a packed house that watched Lorenzo Lamas starring in a production of the classic Broadway musical "A Chorus Line."

The audience applauded the casually dressed Bushes before the show when it was announced that the 41st president and former first lady were present, taking a private theater trip from their oceanside home at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport.

They, like their fellow ticket holders, enjoyed a scintillating performance, but what came after will likely provide the most lasting memory for most spectators.

After the curtain fell the Bushes and a small party of friends left through a side exit, but a few minutes later the couple reappeared on stage.

Playgoers had been slower than usual leaving because of a heavy shower that soaked the area. For the hundreds still in the auditorium it was a rain of serendipity.

As the large cast of dancers re-emerged from backstage, along with Lamas and members of the show's production staff, and gathered around the former first couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bush chatted with them and generally appeared to enjoy their unrehearsed appearance on the platform — spontaneously opened up and re-illuminated for the rare moment.

Someone passed the former president one of the sparkly top hats used during the show's finale.

For a moment the ex-president just held on to the silky headgear, but when Barbara received one she grinned and immediately put it on her head. "Forty-one" took the cue and followed suit. The audience clapped and cheered.

Then George and Barbara tried some dance steps from the show as cellphone cameras flashed and more applause erupted. Mrs. Bush showed no adverse signs from recent serious surgery.

It was a matinee moment for the showbiz history books, and for "America's Foremost Summer Theatre" an even more auspicious beginning to the 2009 season.

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