Gallery Update Season 5

Shooting03.a02c Foxworth & Sullivan - SP - retouchedMaggie & Chase
Susan Sullivan & Robert Foxworth
©1985 Lorimar

Jane Wyman Press Article

1981-12-20_Lakeland Ledger - Jane Wyman leaves work as painter to rejoin art of acting - 2Press Article from 1981: Jane Wyman leaves work as painter to rejoin art of acting
© 1981-12-20 Lakeland Ledger / AP

Gallery Update Advertisements

#002Advertisement for Falcon Crest EP#002 (1x02) with special guest star Cliff Potts as Chase's old friend Paul Salinger.
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Gallery Update Season 2

#019a.2 Wyman & Chi - FuneralAngela and her most loyal confidant Chao-Li
Jane Wyman & Chao-Li Chi
EP#019 "The Challenge"
© 1982 Lorimar


Shooting11a.4b Wyman - red dress - outsideBe careful when she wears red!
Jane Wyman
EP#020 "The Arrival"
© 1982 Lorimar


Season 6 Video: Richard’s Revenge

Enjoy this great scene from season six, episode 23 “Cold Hands”: Richard finally gets his revenge and humiliates Angela.


Abby Dalton Article

FALCON CREST - Abby Dalton: "Please help me save my role on Falcon Crest"In 1986 there was an article in the National Enquirer about Abby Dalton being written out from Falcon Crest. She asked viewers to help her to keep her role on the show by filling out a coupon and sending it to the producers.

Abby Dalton - "Please Help Me Save My Role On Falcon Crest"
National Enquirer, 1986

Gallery Update (Seasons 8 & 9)

#184h.01 Chi & Taylor - New Home - DelOro GolfClub EntranceRod Taylor & Chao-Li Chi
EP#184 "Changing Times"
©1988 Lorimar

#206a.01b Wyman - FCVM StudyJane Wyman
EP#206 "The Price of Freedom"
©1989 Lorimar

Gallery Update–Advertisements

#001 - Photo CompilationFalcon Crest Ad for EP#001 “In his Father’s House”







#012-01Falcon Crest Ad for EP#012 “Family Reunion” with special guest star Lana Turner


Gallery Updates (Season 3 & 5)

BTS16.01 Alicia & Robertson - Brainstorm premiere 1983-09-29 - KopieAna-Alicia and Cliff Robertson at the
premiere of "Brainstorm"
#111a.02b Wyman - SPbeige WineGlass

Cheers to all Falcon Crest Fans!
Jane Wyman
EP#111 "Fair Game"
©1986 Lorimar


Gallery Update Season 2

#027d.01 Selby - SPblue Light-graySuitRuthless and Powerful: Richard Channing
David Selby
EP#027 "The Vigil"
© 1982 Lorimar


Gallery Updates

#097b.03b Lamas & Vernon - Wedding - MetropolitanHosp

#130d.09 Alicia & Lamas - Party - Gioberti Estate

Wyman_Jane 43.02 Betty White - 25th Annual Women of The World Luncheon To Benefit Childhelp 25.05.1989

Falcon Crest returns to Canadian TV

seas038Good news for French speaking Falcon Crest fans in Canada: The show returns to Canadian TV. Starting August 26, Falcon Crest will be aired on Prise2. In Canada, the show was called “Sous le signe du faucon”.
I’m not quite sure if they’ll air the whole series as the trailer only speaks about the first season.
Here’s the trailer with the French voices:

New Falcon Crest Article

FC182 months ago, the Hill Place Blog published a great article about season 8 and how Falcon Crest had changed after that particular producer’s change.

I remember how I felt when I watched the season 8 premiere for the first time and how disappointed I was (after the terrific season 7 finale I had expected an equal season 8 premiere). Things had changed on the show and one of my most loved characters got fired: Ana-Alicia. After this the show never was the same (for me) and I know, many of you feel the same way.

So, enjoy this well-written article. It’s worth reading it.


Susan Sullivan at Disney & ABC Party

Sullivan_Susan 19.01 Disney & ABC Television Group's 2013 Summer TCA Tour 2013-08-04 Beverly Hilton Hotel ©zimbioSusan Sullivan attended the 2013 Disney & ABC Television Group’s Summer TCA Tour Party on August 4, 2013.

Susan looked great, as always. Some of you might recognize her outfit: She wore this dress at the Falcon Crest Reunion in 2010!




Sullivan_Susan 19.01b Disney & ABC Television Group's 2013 Summer TCA Tour 2013-08-04 Beverly Hilton Hotel ©starpulseSullivan_Susan 19.02 Disney & ABC Television Group's 2013 Summer TCA Tour 2013-08-04 Beverly Hilton Hotel ©zimbioSullivan_Susan 19.03 Disney & ABC Television Group's 2013 Summer TCA Tour 2013-08-04 Beverly Hilton Hotel ©zimbioSullivan_Susan 19.04 Disney & ABC Television Group's 2013 Summer TCA Tour 2013-08-04 Beverly Hilton Hotel ©starpulseSullivan_Susan 19.05 Disney & ABC Television Group's 2013 Summer TCA Tour 2013-08-04 Beverly Hilton Hotel ©ilargle-listal

Season 8 Gallery Update

#187b.02 Selby & Sullivan - Ranch Yard - Love, AlwaysDavid Selby & Susan Sullivan
EP187 "Jeopardy"
©1988 Lorimar

Mariska Hargitay: I Love My Post-Baby Body

mariska-hargitay-300Not a new article (it’s actually from February 2013) but nice to read anyway:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
star Mariska Hargitay is pretty in purple on the March cover of Ladies Home Journal. In an accompanying interview, the 49-year-old actress – who is mother to children August, 6, Amaya, 2, and Andrew, 1 – opens up about her motherly curves, her fitness routine and how the perspective of age has helped her develop into the fulfilled person she is today.
On embracing her post-pregnancy body: “I love my curves because they scream, ‘I’m a mama!’ I’m the girl who started wearing maternity pants about an hour after I found out I was pregnant because I was so excited about becoming a mom. Things are sagging a bit – I’m not going to lie. But am I going to be upset about the sag or am I going to look at my three gorgeous kids and my husband and count my lucky stars?”
On how her kids help her keep fit: “I try to run because it keeps me sane. There are weeks I don’t do it at all. There are weeks when I do it every day. But I also live in a house with a lot of stairs and three young kids, and as clichéd as it sounds, chasing after my kids is no small feat. I don’t even need to go to a gym because all I do is go up and down stairs carrying toddlers!”
On becoming a confident woman: “I spent most of my 20s having people say no to me. I’d go on auditions and the casting directors would be like: You’re not tall enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not blonde enough, your nose is too big, your nose is too small, your skin is too dark, your skin is too light, change your name! There was so much rejection. I didn’t work for eight years. But my dad taught me not to give up. He’d hold his forefinger and his thumb about an inch apart and say, “Mariska, it takes about this much more to be a winner.” I’d get an audition and he’d say, “How hard are you going to work for it? What are you going to do today to get yourself closer to your goal?” So I did what I could to become the best actor I could be: I read every play, I went to acting class, I took every audition, I pushed myself when I didn’t feel like pushing myself. I acted confident even when I wasn’t. And slowly, by doing the thing I loved and by getting better at it, I became more confident.”

Source: http://www.celebritybabyscoop.com/2013/02/08/mariska-hargitay-i-love-my-post-baby-body