Carla Gugino at Raise Hope for the Congo

On June 28, 2009 Carla Gugino (37) attended the Raise Hope for the Congo event at Janes House in Los Angeles, a campaign that was founded to protect and empower Congolese women and girls.
Find more information on the official site.

Here are some pictures:


Lorenzo Lamas Autograph

Found this on youtube this morning: Lorenzo made a short commercial for a website where you can purchase autographs by him and other celebrities.

Kristian Alfonso scheduled to attend Complimentary Fan Event

The stars of NBC’s daytime drama "Days of our Lives" will meet fans face-to-face at the second annual “Day of Days” fan event on Saturday, November 7, 2009 from 10 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. at CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood. This free-of-charge event for loyal Days of our Lives viewers will offer fans the chance to meet and greet Salem’s favorite Brady, DiMera, Kiriakis, Horton or Hernandez family member during autograph signings, a Q&A session, raffles and much more.

“Days of our Lives” stars scheduled to attend include John Aniston, Kristian Alfonso, Nadia Bjorlin, Molly Burnett, Shawn Christian, Bryan Dattilo, Casey Deidrick, Galen Gering, Mark Hapka, Shelley Hennig, Jay Johnson, Renee Jones, Lauren Koslow, Eric Martsolf, Joe Mascolo, Peggy McCay, Dylan Patton, Peter Reckell, James Reynolds, Suzanne Rogers, James Scott, Taylor Spreitler, Alison Sweeney, Josh Taylor, Felisha Terrell and Arianne Zucker.

Margaret Ladd: "What's up, Scarlet?" DVD Release

After being absent from TV for 14 years, Margaret Ladd starred in 2005 in the movie "What's up, Scarlet?".
It's a small role, but at least we can see "Emma" again.

On April 28, 2009, this movie was released on DVD.

Scarlet Zabrinski, (Susan Priver, star of Mafioso and My Brother Jack) a successful, hard edged, L.A. matchmaker lives in the shadow of her overbearing mother, Ruth Zabrinski (Sally Kirkland, Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner for Anna) who relentlessly tries to find the perfect man for her daughter. Ben Zabrinski, (Jere Burns star of Good Morning Miami, The Mommies, Bob, Dear John) Scarlet's pot smoking brother, an unemployed lawyer, becomes furious when Scarlet unknowingly sets him up with a porno star. When Sabrina Fisser, (Musetta Vander, of Kicking and Screaming and Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) a homeless foreign actress, rear ends her on a calm sunny afternoon, Scarlet offers this seemingly helpless vagabond a place to stay for one night. One night becomes an eternity as the free spirited Sabrina outstays her welcome. When a vengeful Ben tries to seduce Sabrina, Scarlet finds herself protective of her new friend. A mutual attraction develops and the two unlikely characters explore the uncharted territory of unexpected love.

  • "A refreshing and unusual screen couple." - LA Times
  • "Screwball take on lesbian love!" - Hollywood Reporter
  • "Compelling" - Variety
The movie was shown at several Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals (San Francisco, Barcelona).

Here is the trailer (with Margaret Ladd in a small sequence):

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Morgan Fairchild on "The Bold and the Beautiful"

New role for Morgan Fairchild on "The Bold and the Beautiful": She will appear in a couple of episodes on August 10 – 14 as Dottie, a friend of Stephanie’s who will help bring about a fashion show walk-off between Forrester Creations and Jackie M.

Fairchild is no stranger to soaps. Besides "Falcon Crest", she has appeared on "Search For Tomorrow", "Paper Dolls", "General Hospital" and "Fashion House."

Joining Morgan Fairchild during the fashion show showdown will be previous guest stars, Alan Thicke as Rich Ginger and Jim J Bullock as Sergei, as well as Melissa Rivers who will be the fashion show’s celebrity judges. Samantha Potter, a runner up from “America’s Next Top Model”, will play one of the Jackie M models.

Bingo with Margaret Ladd at Hamburger Mary's

Stage and screen award-winning actress Margaret Ladd (66), best known for her portrayal of Emma Channing on "Falcon Crest,” and the Founding Artistic Director of the world-renowned Imagination Workshop, will host a rollicking good time of bingo for valuable prizes and auction items.

The event will benefit Media City Ballet of Los Angeles. This fund-raiser will take place on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Hamburger Mary's located at 8288 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Sweetzer Street and next to the City of West Hollywood City Hall); West Hollywood, CA 90046.

Hamburger Mary’s is a popular eatery in the City of West Hollywood. There is a Suggested Donation of $20 per person for Bingo cards. Valet parking and street parking are available.
For further information, please visit the website www.mediacityballet.org or www.legendarybingo.com

Reza Badiyi Interview

This is a very interesting interview with Falcon Crest director Reza Badiyi, who directed more FC episodes than any other director. The interview was published on monstersandcritics on April 28, 2009.

In 2004, I had the great opportunity to meet and interview Reza myself and I can tell you, he is a very charming and down to earth man, a great director who was willing to share some wonderful memories. A great moment I'll never forget. Here's a picture with Reza, Thomas and Sascha from the Falcon Crest Fanclub. I'm the one on the right. ;-)

Anyway, here is the latest interview with Reza:

The Godfather of American TV: Reza Badiyi interview

Smallscreen Features

By April MacIntyre Apr 28, 2009

His directing credits include episodes of Mission Impossible, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dr .

Quinn, Medicine Woman, Mannix, Jake and the Fatman, Hawaii Five-O, The Six Million Dollar Man, Starsky and Hutch, The Rockford Files, Cagney & Lacey, Falcon Crest, Baywatch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Femme Nikita and dozens more.

Born in Tehran Iran, director Reza Badiyi came to America in 1955, a very good year for American culture and iconic film and television.

It was the year Gunsmoke, The Lawrence Welk Show, The Honeymooners and Captain Kangaroo all had their smallscreen debuts.

Little did Mr. Badiyi know at that time, as he was mastering English and absorbing a vibrant young Western culture, in Kansas of all places, that someday he would be the Godfather of American television, logging in more hours as a TV director than anyone in history.

Reza Badiyi eventually made it Syracuse University to complete his filmmaking studies. But it was a fortunate crossing of paths with filmmaker Robert Altman that propelled Mr. Badiyi into the ranks of sought-after director with a Hollywood career. Mr. Badiyi became Altman’s protégée and friend for life.

But often time, his rise to fame and success was not an easy journey. The difficult period in the 1970’s, when the Iranian hostage crisis occurred during President Jimmy Carter’s tenure, Mr. Badiyi’s career was affected inside the Industry.

Mr. Badiyi holds the record for the most hours of television directed. He has over 40 years of industry experience which include over 400 hours of primetime television, four feature films, and more than 60 documentaries.

His directing credits include episodes of Mission Impossible, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dr .Quinn, Medicine Woman, Mannix, Jake and the Fatman, Hawaii Five-O, The Six Million Dollar

Man, Starsky and Hutch, The Rockford Files, Cagney & Lacey, Falcon Crest, Baywatch, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Femme Nikita and dozens more.

It was Mr. Badiyi who gave Mary Tyler Moore the idea to toss her hat up in the air for the iconic opening of The Mary Tyler Moore show, and he created the memorable opening sequence for Hawaii Five-O, capturing the big wave with his camera.

Prior to his coming to America, a young Badiyi was already a filmmaker in his native Iran; his work so notable that he was given the Golden Ribbon of Art by the Shah of Iran. He also received the Directors Guild of America Award for most hours of television directing.

Mr. Badiyi was married to actress/screenwriter Barbara Turner from 1968 to 1985. Their daughter Mina Badie is pursuing an acting career and his step-daughter is Hollywood actress, Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Monsters and Critics interviewed Mr. Reza Badiyi, this year’s recipient of the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award at the Noor Iranian Film Festival which is scheduled for May 3, 2009.

These are interesting times to be Iranian and an American; you are part of the great, creative Persian Diaspora. Do you think younger filmmakers will now have unprecedented access to a vast multi-cultural America to tell uniquely Iranian stories?

Reza Badiyi: Timing is very important and in my opinion and now is the right time. There are many fascinating and educated Iranians that are getting into the film industry and can accurately tell Iranian stories.

It wasn’t too long ago that you couldn't emphasize Iran in films and any film with the Iranian fingerprint was quickly passed upon by the industry execs. But now, things have changed and we are in a new era of hope and understanding.
I was especially moved when our current President cited a famous Persian poet, Saadi, “Human beings are members of a whole, in creation of one essence and soul."

So you come to the US, and you continue to study filmmaking, enhanced by your experience from working in the film industry in Tehran. Was your family supportive, or were they apprehensive for you, preferring you to go into a more academic or traditional field of study?

Reza Badiyi: My father was a Pharmacist and my brother was a doctor. They hoped I would too go into the field of medicine, but I had no interest in it, even though that was my major in university.

While attending university, I secretly signed up for drama school and eagerly attended classes. After a few semesters I confronted my father and told him I wanted to be an actor.

My parents were very surprised and didn’t instantly warm to the idea. However, shortly after, I received a Gold Medal from the Shah of Iran for my acting abilities. Needless to say, my parents were very proud and realized that this was my passion and the field I was so meant to be

involved in, so they gave me their blessing and were very supportive.

Later on, I went from acting to cinematography and had the honor of being the Shah’s personal cinematographer and traveled all over the country with him.

What was the most interesting film you were responsible for in Iran, before you came here?

Reza Badiyi: I made 21 documentaries before my move to the U.S., but one documentary that stands out is called “Flood In Khuzestan.”

My assistant and I traveled to Khuzestan and spent a week there shooting everything we could.

We didn’t have a script so it was a very liberating experience, not to mention eye-opening. Especially since the horrendous flood had all of us trapped for that entire week. During that time, we created a small group of people from different backgrounds and beliefs that all lived in the area. We ate together, slept in the same area and took care of each other.

The wonderful group of people consisted of Nomads, Arabs and Kurds. The inspiring experience where so many different people came together in time of crisis resulted in the execution of the documentary.

We shot the whole piece on 16mm black and white film. The documentary was selected by the Red Cross internationally. They ended up adding narration to the piece and screened the documentary all over the world in order to bring awareness to the disastrous flooding.

When the U.S. State Government saw the documentary, they invited me to come to the U.S. to study film making.

Which American smallscreen series was the most satisfying for you professionally to be part of?

Reza Badiyi: All the shows I worked on were an amazing and unique experience for me.

For example, “Mission Impossible” came about at a time where we were using images differently than before. We would use extreme focusing and close ups in order to accurately convey to the audience the actors’ feelings, thoughts and actions. It was also a time of breakthrough visual-effects, so I had the opportunity to do things I hadn’t done before – It was great – I let my imagination run wild and it worked and the audiences loved it.

'Hawaii 5-0' was very exciting too, especially with the location being as beautiful as it was and the breathtaking stunts - everyone fell in love with the show and the stunts became huge.

'Cagney & Lacey' was another show that was so well-written and so rich in material that when I was preparing and reading the script I felt obligated to give the show a visual effect that was just as good as the writing.

You had to have been terribly upset at the vilification of Iran and the tension during the Jimmy Carter years, what are the biggest misconceptions Americans hold about Iranians, in your estimation?

Reza Badiyi: I suffered greatly during that time, even though I was in the US and the number of years I had spent in Iran was less than I had spent in the US.
That being said, I never wanted to change my name or deny my nationality.

There was a lot of pressure from the industry as well – one of the networks removed me from a film I was working on due to my nationality. I was so hurt by the incident that I left and moved to London for a while. My friends kept calling asking me come back – it took some time, but I finally decided to return and continue to pursue my career in the U.S.

Same question reversed, what would you tell Iranians reading this (in Iran) are the biggest misconceptions Iranian media purports regarding Americans

Reza Badiyi: There are a lot of misconceptions due to the fact that Iranians living in Iran can’t speak freely about their thoughts on the Western World. Iran’s population consists mostly of young educated individuals who love America - the music, the food, the people, the arts - however, that isn’t always talked about.
The government is its own entity and most Iranians living in Iran have different views and beliefs about America and the world... Most of their choices in music, fashion, etc. are influenced greatly by the Western World such as the U.S.

The late director Robert Altman was your mentor. Tell me about your friend, how you met him, and your relationship over time?

Reza Badiyi: When the U.S. Government invited me, I was one of the students from 18 countries asked to come to the U.S. to study in the field of Motion Pictures.
In the field of Motion Pictures, only four students were chosen and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

I was sent to the State Department for a week long class on leadership – they would send high ranked professors from Columbia and George Washington Universities to talk to us, however, it was very puzzling considering that the entire class was filled with international students who couldn’t speak English that well …and I was one of them.

After the week was over, I was sent to Syracuse and then to Kansas City to work at the Calvin Company - The Calvin Company was a Kansas City, Missouri-based educational and industrial film production company that for nearly half a century was the largest and most successful film producer of its type in the United States.
My first day at Calvin Company, I was introduced to different departments, when I came across a young director, Robert Altman.

I noticed that he was shooting with very primitive cameras. Shocked, I went up to him and asked him to shoot with my camera called Arriflex, which was the newest and most innovative camera at that time.

Robert gave it a try and was very impressed with my knowledge and skills. He asked me where I was staying during my visit and told him the YMCA. He then invited me to come live with him and his family, which I agreed to.

They were a kind and loving family and had a substantial hand in teaching me about living in America.

Robert became my best friend and mentor and shortly after, asked the State Department to sign me over to him. We grew very close and he asked me to be his assistant director in the film he was working on at the time, “The Delinquents,” which was the very exciting start of my career here in the U.S.

What television series today speak to you, resonate with you positively?

Reza Badiyi: These days I spend of my time helping the new generation of filmmakers wanting to get into the industry. I read scripts and materials and guide/advise them.

I also spend quite a lot of time traveling to various universities across the country …Florida, Texas, etc...Speaking at their film schools. I’m also on the Board of Trustees as the Los Angeles Film School and the New York Film Academy.

That being said, I was a huge fan of the “Sopranos” and still try to watch “24” when I have time.

What American television shows you directed are popular in Iran, that you have received feedback and praise for?

Reza Badiyi: 'Mission Impossible' – This series was the pride of Iranians – fans were sending me pictures of their children and grandchildren hoping that I would cast them on the show. 'The Six-Million Dollar Man' and the 'The Incredible Hulk' were also very popular and loved.

Is there reality TV in Iran? Whose work in Iranian television do you follow or are a fan of?

Reza Badiyi: I’ve been in the in the US for 55 years so not sure about reality TV at this time. However, I can speak about a wonderful series, titled 'Christ,' which told the story of how the Qur’an and Bible tell the story of Jesus Christ, from his birth to crucifixion.

The series did very well and was made into a feature film that was showcased at the Vatican, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. to name a few.

Who is the biggest Iranian TV or film star that should be a cross-over hit, the way Aishwarya Rai is for Bollywood-Hollywood - in your opinion.

Reza Badiyi: There are so many wonderful actors in Iran, such as Mohammed Reza Golzar, who has a huge following internationally, Parviz Parastui who was recently in 'Marmoulak.'

Also, Bahram Radan was magnificent in the very popular film 'Santouri,' which was directed by a very talented and well-known director, Dariush Mehrjui.

Another director that I should mention in Iran is Magid Majidi, whose work is just so deep and inspiring. His latest film, 'Song of Sparrows,' can currently be seen in theaters in the U.S.

He is also known for several other popular films, such as 'Children of Heaven' and 'Color of Paradise.' Young Iranian film makers are doing very well and so many of the films I have seen are shot and executed beautifully.

Also, I would like to mention a very famous and talented Iranian actor named, Behrouz Vosoghi. I admired him greatly and always wanted to work with him. I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to cast him on a few of my shows 30 years ago when he moved from Tehran to San Francisco.

Most of the younger actors today still look up to him, such as Parviz Parastui, and aspire to be like him.

When I was visiting Iran a few years ago I noticed that vendors were still selling his pictures and T-shirts with his picture and name on it. It exemplified the fact that Iranians still want to hold on to the wonderful memory of such an iconic actor and the great movies he made.

Bill Conti at Benefit Gala Concert

Last month, Falcon Crest Theme composer Bill Conti (67) performed during the 2009 Hollywood at the State Benefit Gala concert at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Conti composed soundtracks for "Falcon Crest", "Dynasty", "North & South" and several other famous themes.

Currently, he is working as music supervisor on "A woman is a woman" (with Sean Young) and "Sensual"and as the composer for "Small Town Hero". All movies are announced to be released in 2010.

Here are some pictures taken at the Benefit Gala Concert on May 16, 2009:

Cindy Morgan Interview

On June 25 The Chicago Sun-Times has published an interview with Cindy Morgan (Gabrielle Short Season 6 and Lori Stevens Season 1).

Read what the actress is doing right now and what she has to say about baseball.

New Shack for 'Lacey': Diamond in the rough

BY ELLIOTT HARRIS Sun-Times Columnist

Cindy Morgan took some time off from writing to do some writing. The actress, whose main claim to fame came as Lacey Underall in ''Caddyshack,'' went to Cooperstown, N.Y., for an autograph appearance over the weekend.

''Signing in Cooperstown on Father's Day,'' Morgan told Quick Hits. ''My dad would have been so proud.''

So she made it to baseball's Hall of Fame?

''I was inducted on Sunday, but I declined because my baseball isn't what it used to be,'' she joked. ''There would have been questions about how I got there.''

Interesting that someone so associated with a golf movie would be big in the baseball world.

''It's all about having fun -- which is sports, which is getting outside, which is having a good time, and I don't think it's limited to golf at all,'' said Morgan, whose Web site is cindy-morgan.com.

''My dad in a million, zillion years never would have predicted this. And he died in '96. But I got a feeling on Father's Day, what better gift could I give him than to be signing at Cooperstown. That was very cool for me. He would have been very proud.''

As he no doubt was proud to have his daughter appear in one of filmdom's classic comedies.

Morgan is working on a book that concerns that 1980 flick in which she was an unforgettable chick.

''From Catholic School to Caddyshack,'' she said of the working title. ''It's the story about how a nice Midwestern girl from Chicago ended up dropped into the midst of a movie called 'Caddyshack' -- and lived to tell the tale.''

Some tale.

''It is,'' said Morgan, who lives in Florida. ''Everybody's heard the stories, and 150 percent of them are true.''

There also is to be a Biography Channel ''Caddyshack'' show with an October delivery date.

''The other thing about the book is technically I can't use the publicity stills from the film,'' she said. ''But imagine someone was walking around on the set with their own camera 30 years ago and taking pictures -- hundreds and hundreds of pictures. Somebody did. And I've got them.''

So this will be something of a picture book?

''Yep,'' she said.

Quick Hits is a big fan of pictures -- especially if they are of Morgan.

And maybe one of these days, she will return to her hometown.

''I hope I come to Chicago so we can play a game of miniature golf,'' she said.

Until then, Quick Hits will contemplate playing a round with her.

Parker Stevenson in "McTaggart's Fortune"

Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy from FC's Season 4) has just finished filming a new independent movie in Monterey, CA. He plays the role of Richard Heywood in the adventure comedy "McTaggart's Fortune".
The movie is about three high school students who search for a lost treasure in their home town, only to evade police and escape the phantoms who guard the stolen fortune.

Stevenson (57) was reunited with former "Hardy Boys" co-star Pamela Sue Martin (Fallon #1 from "Dynasty") who stars as Sgt. Jeanine Bowman.
In 1974, they already played together in "Our Time".

As the movie is still in post-production, there is no release date announced yet. We'll keep you updated.

This is a recent picture of Parker from "McTaggart's Fortune":

"Fatal Attraction" Blu-Ray Release

Remember the great thriller "Fatal Attraction" from 1987 with Anne Archer, Michael Douglas and Glenn Close? One of the great movies of the 80s, which is still unforgotten.
"Fatal Attraction" was just released on Blu-Ray on June 9, 2009.

Product Description": Stylish and sexy, Fatal Attraction took audiences to terrifying new heights with its thrilling story of a casual encounter gone terribly awry. This box-office smash was nominated for six Academy Awards,and Best Director (Adrian Lyne—Indecent Proposal, Flashdance). Michael Douglas plays Dan Gallagher, a New York attorney who has a tryst with seductive Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) while his wife (Anne Archer) is away. Dan later shrugs off the affair as a mistake and considers it over. But Alex won’t be ignored. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever…even if it means destroying Dan’s family to keep him.

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Anne Archer at AFI Lifetime Achievement

Anne Archer attended the 37th Annual AFI Lifetime Achievement in Culver City, California on June 11, 2009.

Here are some pictures:

with Kathleen Turner:

with Terry Jastrow:


Brett Cullen in new TV Series

Brett Cullen's new TV series, "Make it or Break it," premieres today, June 22 on the ABC Family channel.

The show, set in the world of competitive gymnastics, follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they prepare for their day in the spotlight. Peri Gilpin of Frasier stars as their coach. The cast also includes Chelsea Hobbs, Ayla Kell, Josie Loren and Candace Cameron Bure.

Brett plays the part of Mark Keeler.

Check out the 10min. Sneak Preview:


Falcon Crest Season 2 DVD Release

It's official now: SEASON 2 WILL COME!!!!

Warner Bros. announced that Season 2 of Falcon Crest will be released in October 2009 in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark).

In Germany and Spain, the DVD Box will be released in Spring 2010.

Unfortunately, there's still no release date for the US and UK.

We'll keep you updated.


William R. Moses / "Emma's Wish" DVD Release

"Emma's Wish", a movie from 1998 in which William R. Moses had a leading role will be released on DVD on August 4, 2009.

Synopsis: A lonely retirement home resident obtains a magical ring on her 75th birthday which grants her wish to again be young. Awakening the next morning she finds herself to be 40 years old again. She leaves the home and takes a position as a housekeeper for her daughter, who does not recognize her.

Other stars in this movie are Joanna Kerns and Della Reese.

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Joanna Cassidy in new drama series "Hawthorne"

Joanna Cassidy (Katherine Demery from FC's Season 2) stars in the new TNT drama series HAWTHORNE premiering yesterday Tuesday, June 16, 2009.

Christina Hawthorne (played by Jada Pinket Smith), a compassionate and headstrong Chief Nursing Officer heading up a group of dedicated nurses at Richmond Trinity Hospital who spend long days and nights on the hospital's front lines. Joining Pinkett Smith in HAWTHORNE is Michael Vartan as Dr. Tom Wakefield, the oncologist who treated Christina's husband and who serves as director of medicine for the hospital. The cast also includes Suleka Mathew as Bobbie Jackson, a fellow nurse and one of Hawthorne's best friends; David Julian Hirsh as Ray Stein, a nurse struggling with being accepted in a female-dominated profession; Christina Moore as Candy Sullivan, a nurse with a unique sense of duty; and Hannah Hodson as Camille, Hawthorne's daughter. In addition, special guest star Joanna Cassidy portrays Amanda, Hawthorne's mother-in-law, who also happens to be a member of the hospital board.

Synopsis from TNT: Hawthorne takes place at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Charlotte, N.C., where the strong-but-caring director of nursing, Christina Hawthorne (Jada Pinkett Smith), continuously fights battles she often knows she won't win. Whether treating the homeless woman in front of the hospital like a human being or trying to talk a suicidal cancer patient off the ledge, Christina must challenge hospital administrators, heartless doctors, apathetic colleagues and a system that sometimes forgets it's there to serve the sick. Recently widowed and the mother of a smart, willful teenager, Christina juggles her career with her equally important role as a single parent. Between the two, she barely has time for herself and has difficulty keeping things together. But she knows she has to and can't give up on anyone. That's what her passion requires; it's what it takes to be a hero.

Here you'll find a first pilot review.

Find more information at the Official Site.

Lorenzo Lamas in Willcox, Arizona

Lorenzo Lamas will attend the 58th Annual Rex Allen Days in Willcox, Arizona on October 2-4, 2009.
Rex Allen, 1920-1999, known as the "Arizona Cowboy" and "Mister Cowboy," was a real cowboy legend starring in western movies. His voice is still treasured in the narrations he did of Walt Disney's "Wonderful World of Color" nature shows and behind 150 different cartoon characters created for Walt Disney.

Lorenzo will sign Autographs at 128 N Railroad Avenue, on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 at 2:30 PM.
Find more information about this event here.

Gregory Harrison in "Maneater"

Gregory Harrison recently starred on the 4-hour LIFETIME Miniseries "Maneater" with Sarah Chalke ("Roseanne", "Scrubs"). Gregory plays Teddy Alpert, the father of Sarah Chalke's character Clarissa. The story centers on Clarissa, a thirtysomething socialite who has her eyes set on a Hollywood producer and tries to land him for a husband.
The movie was shown on May, 30 and 31, Gregory's 59th birthday.

Here are some pictures:

Morgan Fairchild Estate Sale

According to Morgan Fairchild's Website, an estate sale will be held in the Los Angeles Area on Saturday, June 20, 2009 from 8AM to 1PM featuring items from Morgan Fairchild and Lindsay Wagner. Email FanSource.com for location address.

Lorenzo Lamas "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" DVD

Lorenzo Lamas' latest movie "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" was just released on DVD on May 29th, 2009.
For those of you who like this kind of (trashy) stuff you may watch the trailer here or order it directly from amazon.com


"Castle" DVD Release

Susan Sullivan currently stars on the new series "Castle" (see our news dated 2009-01-04).

In the US, the complete first season will be released on DVD on September 22, 2009.

Product Description
They are partners, whether she likes it or not.
Castle: The Complete First Season is the romantic, clever dramedy that is reminiscent of Moonlighting with romantic tension between Castle, a crime novelist and Detective Beckett as they work in a unique way to solve crimes and mysteries.

Bonus Features Include: Hardboiled: Genesis of the show, Chemistrry: Experience Nathan and Stana's chemistry on and off the screen, bloopers, deleted scenes, commentaries

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Morgan Fairchild Interview ET 1985

This is an Entertainment Tonight Interview with Morgan Fairchild from 1985-08-14.
Morgan talks about her new role as lawyer Jordan Roberts on Falcon Crest. You can also see her on location in the Napa Valley while filming a scene with Simon MacCorkindale (Greg Reardon) and during a break with David Selby (Richard Channing).

Kim Novak Interview ET 1985

In this 1985 Interview with Entertainment Tonight's Scott Osborne, Hollywood screen legend Kim Novak talks about leaving Hollywood, her life in Carmel in Northern California and her guest appearance in "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
This was shot one year before she appeared on "Falcon Crest"


David Selby in "Mad Men"

Great news from www.davidselby.com (Thanks for the information!)

David will guest star in an episode of the AMC series Mad Men. The exact air date isn't available right now, but the third season premieres on August 16, 2009. He plays Horace Cook, Sr. in the episode "The Greatest Generation."

Lauren Hutton in "The Joneses"

Lauren Hutton (65) can be watched in a small role in the upcoming movie "The Joneses" with Demi Moore, David Duchovny and Gary Cole.

The story centers on a picture-perfect family that moves into a suburban neighborhood and immediately becomes the toast of the town, loved and envied by all. But the reality is they are a commissioned fake family put together by a marketing company as a way to introduce new luxury-level products to neighborhoods around the world.

Unfortunately, there is no release date provided yet.


Lorenzo Lamas to star in Reality Show

Lorenzo Lamas will star in a new Reality Show...

This is an article from hispanicbusiness.com:

New E! Reality Series to Star Shayne Lamas, Formerly of 'The Bachelor

Patricia Marroquin--HispanicBusiness.com

Move over Kardashians. E! Entertainment Television viewers will soon have another family to keep up with, as Shayne Lamas, formerly of "General Hospital" and "The Bachelor" and daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, will star in a new reality series this fall, "The Lamas Family."

Shayne Lamas told People magazine: "There's a lot going on with our family, so E! approached us. I wasn't ready to jump on the reality train, but it gave my whole family an opportunity to work together. It's going to be funny, light and fresh."

The reality "cast" for the eight half-hour episodes consists of: Lorenzo ("Falcon Crest"); his playboy soap actor son, A.J.; teen daughter Dakota, an aspiring musician; Shayne; and Lorenzo's ex-wife Michele Smith.

Lisa Berger, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Series Development for E!, was quoted on seat42f.com as saying: "This is a family only Hollywood could produce. From the twists and turns of the interpersonal dynamics to the hilarious antics, we know viewers will be highly entertained."

"This is a perfect family for reality TV," said the show's producer, Mike Fleiss ("The Bachelor," "High School Reunion"). "They are fun, funny and damn are they good looking."

Shayne had accepted the final rose from British bachelor Matt Grant last year. But the couple, following "Bachelor" tradition, broke their engagement after just a few months.

Shayne Lamas' upcoming adventures include films later this year: the sorority girl comedy "Deep in the Valley" with Denise Richards, Kim Kardashian and Scott Caan; horror flick "In the Pines"; and a coming-of-age surfing film "Endless Bummer." Shayne recently appeared in "Fanboys," a film about obsessed "Star Trek" geeks.


Video: Ana-Alicia Interview 1988

I've uploaded a rare interview with Ana-Alicia from November 1988. She talks about being fired from Falcon Crest, about her movie Romero with Raul Julia and says thanks to her fans.

Video: EP#012 "Family Reunion" - Angela and Jacqueline Confrontation #2

Dinner at the Giobertis. Angela and Jacqueline fight again and the situation escalates.

Video: EP#012 "Family Reunion" Angela and Jacqueline Confrontation

Angela and Jacqueline meet each other after several years - and the fight continues.

Video: EP#012 "Family Reunion" Teaser

I've uploaded some more videos. This one is the teaser from EP#012 "Family Reunion" with Special Guest Star Lana Turner.

Abby Dalton & John Forsythe

Just wanted to share a nice Pic I've found: Abby Dalton and John Forsythe (Blake Carrington from 'Dynasty') playing Tennis together. Really nice.
This was in 1987, after Abby was fired from Falcon Crest.


Ursula Andress at 'Inglorious Basterds' Premiere

Ursula Andress attended the Premiere of Quentin Tarantino's new movie "Inglorious Basterds" at the Cannes Film Festival on May, 20.
The actress (who never changes her style, even with 73) became famous as the first Bond Girl in 1962 and had a 3 episode guest stint on Falcon Crest in 1988 (Season 7).
It was the same year Rod Taylor started his appearance on Falcon Crest as Frank Agretti (who has a minor role in 'Inglorious Basterds' (see our news dated 2009-06-07 and 2009-01-04)).

Unfortunatley, I wasn't able to find any pictures with Rod Taylor from the Premiere. Maybe he was not in Cannes at that time. But I have some pictures of Ursula Andress from the Red Carpet.
BTW: She wares the same gloves that she wore at the Cannes Festival in 2006! *lol* (see the last pic)