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Happy new Year

Happy New Year to all of you. Have a great time!
Best, Marc

Kate Vernon on "Heroes"

Kate Vernon will play a guest part on the current season of "Heroes". Greg Grunberg (starring as Mark Parkman on "Heroes") revealed this via twitter and linked to a set picture of Kate and Robert Knepper.


Brett Cullen in "The Runaways"

Brett Cullen's new movie "The Runaways" is just finished and will be shown on January 24 at the Sundance Film Festival.

The movie is about the life of Joan Jett and her band (see our news dated 2009-07-09) and stars Kristen Stewart ("Twilight"), Dakota Fanning ("Twilight 3") and Tatum O'Neal ("Paper Moon").

Here is the trailer:


Leslie Caron Receives Walk of Fame Star

Academy Award-nominated actress Leslie Caron received the 2,394th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 8, honoring her work in such MGM musicals as "An American in Paris," "Lili" and "Gigi," and the drama "The L-Shaped Room."

Jack Larsen, best known for his portrayal of Jimmy Olson in the 1951-57 syndicated television series "The Adventures of Superman," and Neal Baer, the executive producer of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," were among those joining Caron at the late-morning ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard.

Caron's star is between those of Gene Kelly, who discovered her, and Louis Jourdan, who starred with her in "Gigi."

"I am thrilled to be here on Hollywood Boulevard and next to my friends Gene Kelly and Louis Jordan," Caron said. "It is wonderful to make such a fuss in Hollywood."

Kelly's widow, Patricia, was also on hand for the ceremony.

"I appreciate this award more as I am older, because when you are young, you tend to take things for granted," the 78-year-old Caron said.

Baer is the sponsor of Caron's star. Caron won an Emmy in 2007 as outstanding guest actress in a drama series for her portrayal of an elderly closeted rape victim in a "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" episode written especially for her. "She's such a talented, dynamic performer," Baer, who described himself as a longtime "huge fan of her work," said before the ceremony. "Not only can she dance and sing but she has extraordinary range as an actor. She has done musicals that are charming and frothy and she's done intense dramas like `The L-Shaped Room.'

"She epitomizes what's really wonderful about Hollywood -- the depth of a performance, empathy and a true good spirit."

Born July 1, 1931, in what is now Hauts-de-Seine, France, Caron began taking dance lessons when she was 11.

In 1948, Kelly saw her in the Ballet des Champs-Elysees production of "La Recontre," a performance he remembered two years later when he returned to Paris in search of a dancing unknown to introduce in an "American in Paris."

Caron received best actress Oscar nominations for her portrayal of a childlike urchin who falls for a cruel carnival puppeteer (Mel Ferrer) in the 1953 musical "Lili" and the 1962 British drama "The L-Shaped Room," playing a young pregnant and unmarried French woman who moves into a London boarding house and befriends a young man (Tom Bell).

Caron received her star eight days after this month's publication of her autobiography, "Thank Heaven," whose title alludes to the Lerner and Lowe song performed in "Gigi" by Maurice Chevalier.

She donated an autographed copy to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, where the Johnny Grant Research Library is housed.

Caron is preparing to appear as Mrs. Armfeldt in a French production of Steven Sondheim's stage musical "A Little Night Music," which also stars Kristin-Scott Thomas as Desiree and Lambert Wilson as Frederick.


Hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the holidays! ;-)


FC Season 1 to be released in US

Great News!! Finally, the first season of Falcon Crest will be released in the US.
Warner Home Video has stated that Falcon Crest will be released on April 20, 2010.
Let's keep our fingers crossed for some specials.


Falcon Crest meets Dynasty

What if the Falcon Crest Opening would have been created by the Dynasty People? Well, maybe it would look like this one. ;-))


Lorenzo at Hollywood Christmas Parade

Lorenzo Lamas and his family including ex-wife Michele Smith attended the 2009 Hollywood Chrismas Parade on November 29, 2009 in Hollywood, California.

Morgan Fairchild Helps Ring in Holidays at PS Christmas Tree Lighting!

Actress Morgan Fairchild dropped by the City of Palm Springs' spectacular “green” Christmas tree lighting ceremony Tuesday night to help Mayor Steve Pougnet and the Palm Springs City Council celebrate the holiday season Palm Springs style!

Fairchild, a surprise guest, was in town for World AIDS Day in Palm Springs.

“We're thrilled to have Morgan Fairchild here in Palm Springs to help us fight AIDS and ring in the holidays in style,” said Mayor Pougnet. “When it comes to holiday spirit no other valley city can top Palm Springs!”

More than 400 people attended the tree lighting ceremony hosted on live television by KESQ-TV's Ginger Jeffries and featuring a 22-foot Christmas tree adorned with LED energy efficient lights, traditional holiday carols performed by the Palm Springs High School Choir, free horse-drawn carriage rides, cookies and hot chocolate and a visit from Santa and the Palm Springs High School marching band “Spirit of the Sands.”

“I want to thank you all for coming out and joining the City of Palm Springs as we celebrate the holidays,” said the Mayor. “In these tough economic times, it's important to keep our spirits up and remember how much we have to be thankful for.”

Alternative Season 3 Opening

This is an alternative variation of Falcon Crest's season 3 Opening Main Title.
I used some elements from the later seasons for this one. Hope you enjoy it.


Morgan Fairchild to speak on World AIDS Day

Morgan Fairchild is going to speak at DAP on World AIDS Day.

The Desert AIDS Project in Palm Springs will mark World AIDS Day with the unveiling of a three dimensional red glass and copper wire sculpture at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.The AIDS ribbon sculpture, which measures three feet by two feet and was sponsored by the Palm Springs City Council and discount by artists Linda and Charles Perkins, will be on permanent display in front of the Desert AIDS Project at 1695 N. Sunrise Way.
Speakers at the dedication ceremony include actress Morgan Fairchild and State Assembly Member Manny Perez.

Fairchild co-hosted the 2009 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards. She is a long time AIDS activist who has testified before a special Congressional committee on AIDS education.

Susan Sullivan at the premiere of 'The Princess And The Frog'

Susan Sullivan attended the Premiere of 'The Princess And The Frog' in Burbank on November 15, 2009.
Here's a recent picture of Susan.

Btw: She just turned 67 on November 18. Congratulations, Susan! She still looks great!

Simon MacCorkindale diagnosed with cancer

Very sad news: Simon MacCorkindale reveals that he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006.
The cancer had spread to his lungs and Simon is now receiving chemotherapy.

I'm sure, all the fans wish him all the best and we hope he feels good and won't lose his strength and hope.

There's an interview with Simon and his wife on dailymail.uk.


Conan the Destroyer 25th Anniversary screening

Sarah Douglas will be back in L.A. to attend the 25th Anniversary screening of Conan the Destroyer. The screening takes place on Saturday October 24 at 11:59pm at the New Beverly Cinema.
Her co-star Grace Jones will not be able to attend.

All Tickets $7

Advance tickets may be purchased at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/83794


Robert Ginty passed away

Robert Ginty, Nov. 14, 1948 – Sept. 21, 2009, action film actor, director and producer, passed away at his home in Los Angeles from cancer according to his son’s manager, Michael Einfeld. He was only 60.
Ginty played the role of Walker Daniels on Falcon Crest's season 9.

He was mostly known for his tough guy roles in B-movies, but in addition to writing and directing TV shows and films, he directed experimental theater productions and dabbled in painting and photography.

He is survived by his wife Michelle and son James Francis, an actor.


Rod Taylor Interview

There's a great article about Rod Taylor and his part in the new Quentin Tarantinio movie "Inglourious Basterds".

Tarantino’s latest find: Rod Taylor as Churchill in ‘Inglourious Basterds’
By Scott Eyman

Rod Taylor considered himself retired. Then Quentin Tarantino came calling.

“I don’t even have an agent anymore,” says Taylor by phone from Beverly Hills. “But one day my business manager called and said, ‘I got a call from this strange guy. Tara … Taranteen … something like that.’ I said, ‘Well did you get his number?’ So I called him and Quentin was in a casting meeting, and they told me to be sure and stay at the number I was at.

“And Quentin called, and went straight into the movies of mine that he likes. And then he said, ‘How about doing a movie with me? I want you to play Churchill. We’re shooting in Germany.’
“I said, ‘Well, you’re just across the channel from Albert Finney, aren’t you?’ And he said, ‘Well, if Rod Taylor turns me down, then I’ll get Albert Finney.’ ”

He got Taylor, who plays Churchill in the set-up scene for Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino’s World War II movie with Brad Pitt, which opens today. It’s the first time Taylor’s been seen in awhile, since at the age of 79, he had settled into a comfortable, active retirement that didn’t include acting.

Taylor was one of the primary leading men of the 1960s, starting out at the very top in 1956 with George Stevens on Giant, and continuing with starring roles for Alfred Hitchcock (The Birds), John Ford (Young Cassidy), two movies opposite Doris Day, and a succession of good, very tough action pictures — Darker Than Amber, in which he played Travis McGee, and Dark of the Sun. For Baby Boomers, his most prestigious credit may well be The Time Machine, or the voice of Pongo in 101 Dalmatians.

He agreed to do Inglourious Basterds because of Tarantino’s passion for movies.
“Quentin’s magical. He thinks of nothing but movies. I enjoyed every second of the 10 days. He does three takes of every shot, no more, no less. One day I asked him ‘Why are we doing another take?’

“Because we f——- love making movies.’

Taylor let the makeup people worry about the outside, and he focused on the inside. He watched dozens of DVDs to get Churchill’s voice, complete with lisp, and the hunched body language.

Taylor characterizes some of the other directors he worked for thusly. “Ford was a painter in oils; Hitchcock was an architect. George Stevens was fatherly, cuddling, but then he’d turn around and be brutal to Elizabeth Taylor.

“Quentin is crazy — genius crazy. He has no idea of time; he’ll go till 9 at night. One night I said to the assistant, ‘Do I get to have dinner with my wife?’ ‘It could be 11 tonight, Mr. Taylor.’
“Finally, they told me we were done and I went to my dressing room, and a little assistant said, ‘Mr. Tarantino wants you to wait here, he wants a meeting.’

“Five minutes later he knocks on the door with a bucket of Victoria bitters, made by Foster’s. Ice cold. In cans. ‘OK,’ he says, ‘let’s talk movies!’

“He particularly loves Dark of the Sun. After two hours of talking, I said, ‘The guys are waiting to take the makeup off me.’ So he took his beer and called on someone else.”

Taylor is a joyous, high-energy raconteur, full of life. Something about the shoot confused him, however. The young members of the German crew knew all about him and peppered him with questions about his movies. “It turns out that Quentin had run all my movies and made people stay after work to look at them. They had seen Dark of the Sun, they had seen Young Cassidy.”

Tarantino’s use of the camera is very precise, which means his actors also have to be precise, although Taylor says that the predominant feeling is one of freedom. “He’s not confining, he’s not strictly disciplined. He lets you go. Whatever you want to do. He’s brilliant with actors, and he’s totally passionate. One day I was on the set, and he was behind the camera, and I’m watching him looking at me. Not looking at me as Churchill, looking at me.
“What? What’s the matter?”

“ ‘I’ve got Rod Taylor on my set,’ he said. He was so overjoyed. He lies down at the feet of the people he likes.”

Kristian Alfonso stays on "Days"

Kristan Alfonso has re-signed her contract with "Days of our Lives" through July 2010.
"I'm thrilled to be staying," Kristian says.
In this daytime soap she plays the role of Hope Brady.

Recently, she was seen at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Sarah Douglas in "Witchville"

Sarah Douglas is currently filming in China, where she is playing the part of the Red Queen in a feature film called Witchville with Luke Goss.
The movie is about to be released in 2010.

First Season on sale

The first season of Falcon Crest is as cheap as it never was: 9,97 Euros at amazon.de

If you haven't ordered yet you should get your copy as long as it is at that price.
The German DVD contains the English Audio and you may chose if you want subtitles or not.
It's a region 2 code, so make sure you're DVD Player is able to play them.

Lorenzo Lamas' reaction to Shauna's tape

Here's what Lorenzo had to say about Shauna's latest faux pas:

Poor Lorenzo, poor children.

Lorenzo's Ex-wife in a "big" production

Well, if nobody talks about you then... release a sex tape! Is that what Shauna Sand, Lorenzo Lamas' ex-wife has had in mind? I don't know. But just in time when Lorenzo's new reality show started, a sex tape of Shauna appeared. What a coincidence.
Unfortunately (just kidding) it's not Lorenzo who's with her in this tape. ;-)

I will spare you to having to watch Shauna in her "natural" glory. If you're interested in that kind of stuff just google for it.

Here's an article from the Huffington Post:

Shauna Sand's SEX TAPE: Lorenzo Lamas' Ex's Explicit VIDEO Online

Shauna Sand has a raunchy sex tape.
The former Playboy Playmate and fourth ex wife of Lorenzo Lamas, with whom he has three daughters, is the star of an explicit sex tape being offered for sale by Vivid. Sand, contacted by TMZ, said she is NOT on board with the Vivid release:
"Yes I did make a sex tape with my boyfriend earlier this year. In fact I've made several sex tapes, but I certainly didn't sign off on this and Vivid has no right to put it out. I am trying to get a hold of my attorney now." But Vivid says it's fine, that they were contacted by a third party selling the tape, and that they believe they are the right to market it. In the video, Sand is clearly seen having sex, lying on a bed, dripping melted ice cream on herself, doing her makeup, and playing with sex toys.

It's a big week for the Lamas family. "Leave It To Lamas," an E! reality show featuring Lorenzo's second ex wife and her children, including daughter Shayne who won "The Bachelor," debuted Sunday night. BTW- Shayne and her tv fiance have long since broken up.

Lorenzo Lamas Reality Show

Looks, like there was a lot going on the last few weeks.

Lorenzo Lamas' new Reality Show "Leave it to Lamas" started last sunday.
I'm not a fan of this kind of shows and I don't think Lorenzo should do this but at least he's in the news. So, here's the trailer for this show:

An interview with Lorenzo and his daughter Shayne:

And another one. Please follow this Link

I'm back

Hey Folks,
I'm back. Sorry, I was really busy lately and I had no time for the blog.
Let me check what happened the last few weeks and I'll try to post some news in the next few days, ok?
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On vacation

Hey @all,

I'm on vacation and won't be able to check my mails the next 3 weeks.

Have a great summer and enjoy holidays.

CU in September ;-))

Cindy Morgan at Comic Con 2009

Cindy Morgan attended the 40th Comic Con 2009 on July, 23-26. Check out some photos on her website.

There's also a youtube video with some photos of her from the event:


Mariska Hargitay Article

Here's a nice Mariska Hargitay article I've found on www.theinsider.com:

Mariska Hargitay Is A Real Charmer...

...but who knew she was a SNAKE charmer!

On Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon the lovely Mariska Hargitay and her family, husband Peter Hermann and 3-year-old son August, at the petting zoo at CMEE's 1st Annual Summer Family Fair. I almost didn't recognize the Law & Order: SVU star standing among all of the other Moms in her oversized sunglasses and striped tank top. The doting Mom was busy snapping away pictures of August holding a Guinea Pig, pointing out the pot bellied pig, and petting the goats. I had no problem with the hungry goats, even when they tried to snack on my camera strap, and I think I handled the pooping rooster pretty well, but when Mariska's husband Peter reached for the baby boa constrictor, well, then I had a little problem.

Peter, who was standing uncomfortably close to me, quickly draped the reptile around his shoulders and turned to his perfectly accessorized wife for a picture. I just knew that Mariska would have to fight the same urge to squeal in horror as I did, but instead, she gushed over the snake - even calling it CUTE! “Please tell me you're kidding me?” my crackling voice asked of Mariska. “Oh my gosh, snakes don’t scare me at all,” she replied. Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I had calmed myself down enough to at least hear her out. “I had snakes around all the time growing up,” Mariska rationalized, “my brothers had snakes…they’re really amazing creatures.” Actually Mariska, what's amazing is that I was still standing upright!

Mariska was loving the whole moment, calling over August and taking pictures of Peter with the “cute” snake. Just when it had wrapped itself around Peter's neck and was slithering up to the top of his head, Mariska turned to me and said, “Look, there's your picture! See him on top of his head?” Oh, I see it alright!! And that's when the photographer in me had to slap the girl in me and make me get back to work. Without a long lens, and closer than I've ever wanted to be to a boa constrictor, baby or otherwise, I took those darn pictures - and I lived to tell the tale. Granted, I then wandered off wondering if the Family Fair was serving anything stronger than fruit juice, but I was proud of myself none the less!

My sincere thanks to Mariska, Peter and August for a photo-op I won't soon forget!

Mark Snow at the Fimucité

Falcon Crest composer Mark Snow (62) attended the Fimucité, the Tenerife International Film Music Festival, a pioneering project that celebrated its third edition and becomes an important international event in the film music industry. This year it was held in July (20-26) and was devoted to the thrilling science fiction saga "Alien".
Mark Snow was a special guest and gave a concert with a symphonic variation of his famous X-Files-Theme.
Here's a small videoclip:

Mariska Hargitay at Super Saturday 12

Mariska Hargitay (45) attended Super Saturday 12 to Benefit Ovarian Cancer Research Fund hosted by InStyle Magazine at Nova's Ark Project on August 1, 2009 in Water Mill, New York.

Here are some pictures:

Lorenzo Lamas Interview

Another Lorenzo Lamas article, found on www.thrfeed.com:

Lorenzo Lamas' icky family therapy

Mike Fleiss' new E! docusoap reality show "The La

mas Life" is on the TCA stage and critics waste no time swooping into the big tabloid question: What's going on in this family after Star magazine reported that Lorenzo Lamas' son slept with his ex-wife? Both Lamas and AJ were onstage and looking slightly uncomfortable ... though perhaps not as uncomfortable as they should be. H

ere's the exchange:

Critic to Lamas: "What's the relationship like?"

Lamas: "Strained."

Critics: "What's that like [doing the show]?"

Lamas: "It's unusual."

Critic: "So why do it?"

Lamas: "There's a chance we can make things better."

Critic: "Through a TV show?"

Lamas: "Through the circumstance of a TV show."

Critic: "Is that the healthiest way [to do this]?"

Lamas: "The fact is I've seen more of AJ the past two weeks than for the past four years."

Critic: "It's a good line ... but kind of scary, that a TV show is the catalyst."

Lamas: "It's a reflection of the society that we're living in ... I'm just looking at it as an opportunity to get closer to my kids."

AJ: "I felt the same way, man. A f--king TV show? Honestly, if it takes a TV show to come back together, so be it. I have my issues with him from when i was younger but ... watch the show."

Mike Fleiss chimes in: "There's only one way to get a family back together and that’s on televison."

Lorenzo Lamas & Son To Reconcile on Reality TV

According to the New York Post, Lorenzo Lamas and his son A.J. will reconcile on the E! Network's new reality series "The Lamas Life".

Here's the article:

July 31, 2009

Lorenzo Lamas hadn't spoken to son A.J. since 2003 -- about the same time published reports say the young soap star was bedding his dad's fourth ex-wife, stripper Shauna Sands.

Luckily, their touching "reconciliation" is being documented by the cable channel for this season's reality-wreck "The Lamas Life."

"There is a chance we can make things better -- through the circumstances of a television show," the one-time "Renegade" hunk says.

"The Lamas Life," which began filming in LA just three weeks ago, also peeks into the private lives of ex-wife Michelle Smith and daughters Dakota (an aspiring-but-awful singer) and Shayne (who recently "won" ABC's "The Bachelor").

But all eyes will be on the "strained" relationship Lamas admits to having with his 25-year-old son.

"Nothing else was going to [bring us back together]," the actor, 51, tells The Post. "There was a lot of water under the bridge and there was really no reason. My life had gone on without him in it.

"I am busy raising three little girls, 8, 10 and 11. The relationship between my son and I was basically fractured severely years ago and there wasn't a reason to reach out. I was done -- like, finished."

At the center of their ongoing drama: Sands.

While both men insist A.J. never had any inappropriate relations with his stepmom, Lamas does admit, "There are certain things that he did, certain actions that he undertook that had severe consequences. I just didn't want to be his friend," he said.

"Me and my father have always been best friends, or worst enemies, since I was a kid," AJ says. "He has always been Superman, I have always been Lex Luther."

Their relationship began to deteriorate when AJ turned 11, Lamas conceded.

"That was the same summer that I met my last wife, Shauna. There was a big fracture in the relationship, I think, because of the timing of when I brought her into my life.

"I tried for several years to still be a father, to still patch things up, to get him to understand that I am a man and a man has needs and if you really loved your dad, you would want him to be happy."

"He broke my heart," AJ says. "I will always love that guy. I can't say I love him right now, but we are getting there."

Jill Jacobson in Cooking Show

Jill Jacobson (Erin Jones, Falcon Crest's Season 5 & 6) is starring in the cooking show "La Cucina", a six-part series featuring her friend and fellow actor Ben Digregario.

Here are some clips from youtube:


Lorenzo Lamas at Cadillac Launch Party

another youtube clip: Real Star News talks to Lorenzo Lamas and his daughter Shayne Lamas at Cadillac launch party July 23, 2009. Lorenzo reveals that he stays in shape by surfing, swimming, chasing his kids and eating with self control.

Lorenzo Lamas sang National Anthem

On July 21, 2009 Lorenzo Lamas sang the National Anthem at the LA Dodgers Game.

Here are some youtube clip:

David Selby at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center

David Selby will narrate the San Luis Obispo Symphony Performance of Aaron Copland's "A Lincoln Portrait" on Saturday, November 14 at 8:00 PM at the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo, California.

This event is the second one of a three part series called "Classics in the Cohan" starting October 3, 2009. More information can be found here.

Mariska Hargitay: Emmy Nomination

Congratulations to Mariska Hargitay for a 2009 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU.

Also nominated are Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters), Kyra Sedgwick, (The Closer), Glenn Close (Damages), Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Holly Hunter (Saving Grace).

This is Mariska's 6th Emmy nomination in a row. She has won the trophy in 2006.

The 2009 Emmy Awards will be held on September 12, 2009.


Brett Cullen in "Crooked Lane"

Currently, Brett Cullen films the movie "Crooked Lane", a paranormal thriller set in New Hampshire and based on a true story passed down over two hundred years, generation to generation..
Joining Cullen is Ann Cusack ("Six Feet Under") as Ava.
The movie is scheduled for 2010.

Here are some pictures taken on the set while filming:

If you're interested in all details of the filming process, there's an official Movie Blog and a Facebook Group.

On July 11, seacostonline published an article about filming the movie in Portsmouth:

Thumbs up to the cast and crew making a movie this week in Portsmouth.

It was lights, camera, action at the entrance to Commercial Alley on Monday for "Crooked Lane," a movie being shot by Left Bank Films in Portsmouth and Barrington.

The movie was written and directed by Left Bank's Chase Bailey, a Portsmouth resident. He has worked with Johnny Depp and John Malkovich.

In addition to stars Ann Cusack and Brett Cullen, there were also 22 extras on hand, including Steve Scott of Portsmouth, who has no intention of pursuing acting.

"I've done this a couple of times," he said. "Why not? It's fun. It's fun to be a part of ...; to watch it. And when it's in your own back yard, you have to take advantage of it." Sounds just about right.

Cindy Morgan Audio Interview

There's a new Cindy Morgan Interview available on www.thesop.org. Judyth Piazza chats with Cindy and talks about her acting career and her new book.

Jeff Kober: New Projects

Jeff Kober (Guy Stafford, Falcon Crest Season 6), has just finished filming his second episode of "Sons of Anarchy". Unfortunately, there's no air date available yet.

In 2010, Jeff Kober will work on the movie "Native Land" which will be filmed in Los Angeles and the Democratic Republic Of Congo. We'll keep you updated on that.

Jeff has also filmed a new movie entitled "Mending Fences" with Laura Leighton ("Melrose Place") and Angie Dickinson. He plays the role of Jack Norris Jr.
The movie is about television reporter Kelley Faraday who moves back to her hometown with her teenage daughter Kamilla (Shanley Caswell, "Zoey 101"). Believing she has escaped from the urban flurry, Kelly returns home to find the town in the middle of a heated land crisis.

Kelly, her mother Ruth Hanson (Dickinson) and her ex-boyfriend Walt (David Lee Smith, "CSI: Miami") work in unison to halt casino developments which pose a threat to the town's water supply.
The water rights battle and the ensuing struggle with defiant citizens serve as a backdrop for the core storyline centering around Kelley's personal re-discovery of her small town roots.

The movie will be aired on Saturday, July 18th on The Hallmark Channel. The Channel had to perform a little schedule mending by pushing back the movie's premier from the intended airdate of July 4.


Motorcycles by Lorenzo Lamas

According to his website, Lorenzo Lamas has joined forces with master motorcycle designer, Ralph Randolph, to form Lorenzo Cycles.
The international motorcycle lifestyle brand will include custom motorcycles, parts, apparel, jewelry and fragrance. Lorenzo will unveil 4 signature motorcycle designs at this year's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (August 2 - 7, 2009).

Note from Lorenzo: Since building my first chopper back in '79, I've wanted to put my stamp on custom motorcycle designs. The rubber has finally met the road with Lorenzo Lamas Cycles. While filming all over the country for my show "Renegade", I rapped with a lot of folks from all walks of life. Everyone loves the spirit of the open road and embraces individuality. My motorcycle company will embody this ideal. We will combine unique but timeless designs with a 'wild west vibe' and the reliability and workmanship that only my partner, master builder Ralph Randolph, can deliver. I've waited a long time for this perfect storm of creative forces to come together and I've seen a lot of styles and fads come and go. What's here to stay is “build quality” and timeless design and I'm stoked to be able to share that with all of you on our rides and at our events. Till then, keep the shiny side up!”

Giving to charity has always been important to me. I've supported many diverse and credible ones throughout the years. This year, at Sturgis, I am stoked that the attention my motorcycle company is attracting will raise money for an important cause. I have chosen Make-A-Wish Foundation as the charity that will receive 100% of the profits from the sale of my Sturgis Rally T-Shirts. Since 1980, Make-A-Wish Foundation has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. To donate, please contact the charity at :
www.wish.org. I'll see you all at Sturgis and keep the shiny side up!

Susan Sullivan Photos

Here are some more photos of Susan Sullivan from ABC's "Castle":