Susan Sullivan at Hollywood Christmas Parade

Susan Sullivan and her Castle co-star Molly Quinn joined the Hollywood Christmas Parade at Hollywood Boulevard on November 28 in Los Angeles.


Merry X-Mas

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011!

Enjoy the holidays!


Falcon Crest vs. Golden Girls

Just a little joke: Angela and Melissa with the voices of Sophia and Blanche... Sorry, I think this is only funny for German fans. I had to take the German voices... They're too funny...


Falcon Crest Theme: Chill Out Version

This is a new version of the Falcon Crest Theme I've created. It's a kind of a Chill Out Version. So relax, sit back and have a good time.


Jane Wyman at the Golden Globes in 1984

There's a great video on youtube! Jane Wyman receiving the Golden Globe Award for Falcon Crest in 1984.

"I'm such a bitch!" :-) Hilarious!