Season 3 available on amazon

Season 3 is now available on amazon.com and can be ordered worldwide. The current price is $47.99, so it's a bit cheaper than the Warner Bros Shop.

Get your copy asap. The more people order the bigger chances are for a season 4 release. :-)

Season 5 Gallery updated

I've updated the Season 5 Gallery on our Facebook page with some new pictures. Enjoy :-)


Falcon Crest - The New Series

We've waited for such a long time and now it looks like it really could happen soon: A new Falcon Crest Series is in development! Bob McCullough and Garner Simmons (who both worked on the original series) developed a concept for the revival of Falcon Crest!

Read more about it exclusively on the German Falcon Crest Fanclub site.

And please go to the official Falcon Crest Facebook site and like it. It's important to show interest so the network knows how many loyal fans are still out there.


Falcon Crest Soundtrack available on July 15

We have a release date: The soundtrack album "Falcon Crest: Themes from the Television Series" will be released on July 15, 2013 as a Limited CD Edition and as a download edition (amazon, iTunes).

To pre-order the Limited CD Edition please visit this website: www.marcbradleymusic.com/music_cd_falcon_crest_soundtrack_order.htm

 Here's the track listing:

1.  Falcon Crest Main Theme 2:06
2.  Maggie's Theme 2:06
3.  Driving to Falcon Crest 0:36
4.  Lance & Lorraine's Theme 1:30
5.  Maggie & Richard's Theme 2:01
6.  Lance & Melissa's Theme 2:23
7.  Maggie's Theme (Acoustic Version) 2:55
8.  Nicole Sauguet's Theme 1:49
9.  Julia's Theme 2:15
10.  Kit & Tony's Theme 1:04
11.  Lance & Melissa's Theme (Piano Version) 1:17
12.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Symphonic Version) 2:18
13.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Sentimental Version) 1:18
14.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Chill Out Version) 5:22
15.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Summer Dance Club Version) 4:14

And here you may listen to a snippet:

Enjoy! Hope you'll like it :-)


Parker Stevenson at Motor City Comic Con

A few weeks ago, Parker Stevenson (Joel McCarthy in Falcon Crest's season 4) was at the Motor City Comic Con in Michigan.
He talked about what inspires him, about his career and about his favorite shows when he was a kid.
Parker also reveals that he's working on a new show that is still in development and might be filmed in New Orleans.

Check out some interviews with him:

Falcon Crest Soundtrack: CD or Download?

Hey everyone,

until now I was planning on releasing the Falcon Crest Soundtrack only as a mp3 download album on amazon and iTunes. But some of you asked for a CD. So I'm thinking of releasing a Limited CD edition, additionaly.
My question is: Are you interested in a CD or in a download? It's expensive to make a CD in advance and I really have no idea how many people would be interested in this... So, it's up to you. Please let me know and vote. If there are enough requests I'll go for the Limited CD edition :-) Thanks for your vote.


Falcon Crest Soundtrack

Hi Falcon Crest fans,
I'd like to announce the release of an album with the Falcon Crest Soundtrack.

Some of you might know I'm working as a composer and I performed some of the show's themes in the past. Many people asked if I could release them and I still receive requests to do some tunes from Falcon Crest. So I've decided to make an album with my favorite tracks. In the last few weeks I've worked very hard on this and the result is an album with 15 of my favorite tracks. 

The album will include the Falcon Crest Main Theme, Maggie's Theme, Nicole Sauguet's Theme, Lance & Lorraine's Theme, Julia's theme and a Dance Club Version of the Main Theme as well as the Chill Out Version (which is already on youtube).

The album is scheduled to be released in the middle of July, 2013. So check back for a specific release date.

I hope you'll like the album :-)