Season 6 Teaser & Opening

Love this teaser! Episode #128 "Aftershocks"


Happy Weekend!

It's weekend time. The best time to meet good friends!
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Spring Mountain Video

Have you seen this promotional video from Spring Mountain Vineyards? In this short video you can watch the beautiful landscape of Spring Mountain as well as shots of Villa Miravalle and the winery building. Enjoy.

Jamie Rose & Dana Sparks in new movie

This is funny: both Vickies in one movie! Jamie Rose (Vickie 1981-1983) and Dana Sparks (Vickie 1986-1988) will both be starring in the upcoming movie 'Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 - Either-Or'.
Jamie will play the part of Sarah Connelly, Dana will be Reception Guest #2.

Next surprise: The movie is produced by Falcon Crest producer Jeff Freilich, who was responsible for seasons 6 and 7 (1986 - 1988).

Many other well-known stars will appear:  Jason Beghe, Kim Rhodes, D.B. Sweeney, John Rubinstein, Robert Picardo and Ray Wise are just some of them. The movie is scheduled for fall 2012, no specific release date was announced yet.

'Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 - Either-Or' is based upon  the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand. The global economy is on the brink of collapse. Unemployment has risen to 24%. Gas is now $42 per gallon. Brilliant creators, from artists to industrialists, continue to mysteriously disappear at the hands of the unknown. Dagny Taggart, Vice President in Charge of Operations for Taggart Transcontinental, has discovered what may very well be the answer to a mounting energy crisis - found abandoned amongst the ruins of a once productive factory, a miraculous motor that could seemingly power the World. But, the motor is dead... there is no one left to decipher its secret... and, someone is watching. It's a race against the clock to find the inventor before the motor of the World is stopped for good.

More information can be found on the official website or on the movie's facebook page.

William R. Moses in new movie 'Assumed Memories'

William R. Moses will be starring in the upcoming independent suspense thriller "Assumed Memories" with Casper Van Dien, Armand Assante and Eric Roberts.

Billy will play the part of Dr. Green. The movie, which is written and directed by Bernard Salzman, is scheduled to be released in the US on September 1, 2012.

For more information please visit the movie's facebook site.

Official Synopsis: Award winning news reporter Daria Valdez Morrow was investigating a series of murders caused by a local serial killer when she gets into a car accident and suffers from Retrograde Amnesia. When she comes to, she begins to suspect that her husband, Sam Morrow is the serial killer and begins to build a case against him... follow us as we take this journey with Daria. Is she right, or is she wrong?


Falcon Crest DVD Release Campaign on Facebook

There is a Facebook page which is dedicated to the future release of seasons 3 through 9 of Falcon Crest in all worldwide regions. This is an effort to prove to Warner Bros that there is a dedicated fan base for this series and it is in high demand for continued releases on DVD.

 Please click the "Like" button on this Facebook page to help convince WARNER BROS. to speed up the release of the remaining seasons (3 through 9).
This campaign was started by fans in the U.S., headed by Tom Tagliente.

By clicking the LIKE button, you are not only supporting the cause, you are also supporting the release of seasons 3 through 9 of FALCON CREST on DVD in all territories

Please help, click the like button and share it on Facebook.

Selby, Moses, Lamas & Stevenson at Paley Center Exhibit Opening

On April 12, some of our Falcon Crest stars attended the Paley Center’s Celebration for the opening of their exhibit Television: Out of the Box. David Selby, Lorenzo Lamas, William R. Moses and Parker Stevenson were in Los Angeles to celebrate the exhibition.

The Paley Center for Media and Warner Bros. Television are teaming up for a new interactive, multimedia museum exhibit.

Highlights include iconic series ranging from The Bugs Bunny Show to The Big Bang Theory, Kung Fu to The Closer, Murphy Brown to The Mentalist…and more. Also featured are 80s soaps Knots Landing, Dallas and for sure Falcon Crest.

The Exhibit features props, costumes, photos, set pieces, video clips, photo ops, and original animation. It runs until 2015 with new items added periodically.

For more information and tickets please visit this site: www.paleycenter.org/p-television-out-of-the-box


Kim Novak honored at Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Kim Novak was immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard when she sank her hands and feet into a block of wet cement in the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday, April 14 2012.

Novak, 79, left her signature marks on the famous ground as a sign of the recognition she said she hungered for throughout her life. Her manager and friend Sue Cameron, actresses Debbie Reynolds and Connie Stevens and director Norman Jewison joined her at the ceremony. Nicole Kidman and Renée Zellweger sent letters to congratulate Kim.

The event was held in connection with the four-day TCM Classic Film Festival which features a screening of "Vertigo," one of Novak's major box-office hits, and her taping of an interview with the television channel's host Robert Osborne.

In an interview with Osborne during the film festival before a 300-people audience Friday, Novak said she sometimes regrets her decision to leave Hollywood in the late 1960s at the heyday of her fame. "I don't think I was ever cut out to have a Hollywood life," Novak said. "Did I do the right thing, leaving? Did I walk out when I shouldn't have? That's when I get sad."

A teenager model-turned-actress, Novak played her first starring role in the 1953 crime melodrama "Pushover." Best known for her role as Judy Barton in the 1958 Alfred Hitchcock film " Vertigo," Novak played her last major role in the 1991 thriller " Liebestraum," casting as an estranged mother who only found unpleasant truths after returning home.

Since the theater opened in 1927, hundreds of outstanding stars in the film industry have had their handprints and footprints in the forecourt.