Carla Gugino unhappy with Hollywood's treatment of aging actresses

Carla Gugino (37) has admitted that she doesn't like the way aging actresses are treated in Hollywood.

It is bizarre, certainly in Hollywood, when you hit 23 [and] people start to ask you, 'How does it feel to get older?' the New York Post quoted her as telling Moves magazine.

It is absolutely surreal because, as a woman, when you hit your 30s it's just the beginning of owning yourself and being in your own body, she added.

Gugino said that one of her friends was told by a dermatologist, Your face is very expressive-let me know if you want me to do something about that. I mean, wait a minute-isn't an expressive face a good thing?

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Melissa said...

Maybe Carla should talk to Celeste Holm... That lady has just hit 23 for the 4th time!