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Falcon Crest Question of the Week!
In 8 seasons, Melissa went through a lot: a miscarriage, 3 marriages, several affairs, a career as a nightclub singer, being crazy and many more…. In your opinion, which storyline was her best?
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Unknown said...

For me it was her on again off again romance with Lance. They loved one another so much they ended up hating one another but that was what so wonderful about their relationship! The actors both had incredible chemistry with one another. From the moment they were on screen together to that last moment of Melissa's death they had a spark that most couples would die for now in any tv series today. My very favorite moment between Lance and Melissa was actually their last moment while she was alive. Lance was Leaving Falcon Crest and she kisses him and says good-bye (knowing it would be her last time seeing him) and he had a this look in his eyes saying that it would never be over with her...then he walks out and she commits suicide. It was a moment I still remember to this day and I have not seen that episode since is aired. To me Falcon Crest ended the day they killed of Melissa.