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Falcon Crest Question of the Week!
In nine seasons, we lost quite a few main characters. In your opinion, what was the most memorable death? What was the most shocking? Share your thoughts with us.
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Unknown said...

I was a huge fan of Melissa and I was shocked when she died. Part of it was that it had not been leaked in the news so it was a complete surprise when it aired. To me Melissa's death was the most memorable. (I was also hoping that when she came back as Samantha Ross that we would find out she was really Melissa) The most shocking to me was Maggie's death. It's not that she died, fans knew she was leaving the show but it was the way they killed her off by having her drown in the pool. I remember being shocked at the end of the scene when she goes lifeless and then to make her death worse...Charlie stealing her wedding ring from her hand as she lay in her coffin put her death over the edge. The last death that kind of made me mad, and I know that most are going to scratch their heads when I say this but I really hated Dwayne's death. I thought he was the perfect man for Emma and as she sits there holding his dead body after the earthquake...well...it just made me sad. I was also saddened by Terry's death but the one that I really didn't mind dying was Chase. I was ready for Chase to die because I simply did not like the character.