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Here's a nice Mariska Hargitay article I've found on www.theinsider.com:

Mariska Hargitay Is A Real Charmer...

...but who knew she was a SNAKE charmer!

On Saturday afternoon, I stumbled upon the lovely Mariska Hargitay and her family, husband Peter Hermann and 3-year-old son August, at the petting zoo at CMEE's 1st Annual Summer Family Fair. I almost didn't recognize the Law & Order: SVU star standing among all of the other Moms in her oversized sunglasses and striped tank top. The doting Mom was busy snapping away pictures of August holding a Guinea Pig, pointing out the pot bellied pig, and petting the goats. I had no problem with the hungry goats, even when they tried to snack on my camera strap, and I think I handled the pooping rooster pretty well, but when Mariska's husband Peter reached for the baby boa constrictor, well, then I had a little problem.

Peter, who was standing uncomfortably close to me, quickly draped the reptile around his shoulders and turned to his perfectly accessorized wife for a picture. I just knew that Mariska would have to fight the same urge to squeal in horror as I did, but instead, she gushed over the snake - even calling it CUTE! “Please tell me you're kidding me?” my crackling voice asked of Mariska. “Oh my gosh, snakes don’t scare me at all,” she replied. Not exactly the answer I was looking for, but I had calmed myself down enough to at least hear her out. “I had snakes around all the time growing up,” Mariska rationalized, “my brothers had snakes…they’re really amazing creatures.” Actually Mariska, what's amazing is that I was still standing upright!

Mariska was loving the whole moment, calling over August and taking pictures of Peter with the “cute” snake. Just when it had wrapped itself around Peter's neck and was slithering up to the top of his head, Mariska turned to me and said, “Look, there's your picture! See him on top of his head?” Oh, I see it alright!! And that's when the photographer in me had to slap the girl in me and make me get back to work. Without a long lens, and closer than I've ever wanted to be to a boa constrictor, baby or otherwise, I took those darn pictures - and I lived to tell the tale. Granted, I then wandered off wondering if the Family Fair was serving anything stronger than fruit juice, but I was proud of myself none the less!

My sincere thanks to Mariska, Peter and August for a photo-op I won't soon forget!

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MHfan said...

This is such a cute pic! I love mariska, she's such a sweet<3 & for future reference, the boa constrictor is one of the safest snakes ever, they don't bite so there is nothing to be afraid of. nice pic!