Lorenzo Lamas Interview

Another Lorenzo Lamas article, found on www.thrfeed.com:

Lorenzo Lamas' icky family therapy

Mike Fleiss' new E! docusoap reality show "The La

mas Life" is on the TCA stage and critics waste no time swooping into the big tabloid question: What's going on in this family after Star magazine reported that Lorenzo Lamas' son slept with his ex-wife? Both Lamas and AJ were onstage and looking slightly uncomfortable ... though perhaps not as uncomfortable as they should be. H

ere's the exchange:

Critic to Lamas: "What's the relationship like?"

Lamas: "Strained."

Critics: "What's that like [doing the show]?"

Lamas: "It's unusual."

Critic: "So why do it?"

Lamas: "There's a chance we can make things better."

Critic: "Through a TV show?"

Lamas: "Through the circumstance of a TV show."

Critic: "Is that the healthiest way [to do this]?"

Lamas: "The fact is I've seen more of AJ the past two weeks than for the past four years."

Critic: "It's a good line ... but kind of scary, that a TV show is the catalyst."

Lamas: "It's a reflection of the society that we're living in ... I'm just looking at it as an opportunity to get closer to my kids."

AJ: "I felt the same way, man. A f--king TV show? Honestly, if it takes a TV show to come back together, so be it. I have my issues with him from when i was younger but ... watch the show."

Mike Fleiss chimes in: "There's only one way to get a family back together and that’s on televison."

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