Lorenzo Lamas & Son To Reconcile on Reality TV

According to the New York Post, Lorenzo Lamas and his son A.J. will reconcile on the E! Network's new reality series "The Lamas Life".

Here's the article:

July 31, 2009

Lorenzo Lamas hadn't spoken to son A.J. since 2003 -- about the same time published reports say the young soap star was bedding his dad's fourth ex-wife, stripper Shauna Sands.

Luckily, their touching "reconciliation" is being documented by the cable channel for this season's reality-wreck "The Lamas Life."

"There is a chance we can make things better -- through the circumstances of a television show," the one-time "Renegade" hunk says.

"The Lamas Life," which began filming in LA just three weeks ago, also peeks into the private lives of ex-wife Michelle Smith and daughters Dakota (an aspiring-but-awful singer) and Shayne (who recently "won" ABC's "The Bachelor").

But all eyes will be on the "strained" relationship Lamas admits to having with his 25-year-old son.

"Nothing else was going to [bring us back together]," the actor, 51, tells The Post. "There was a lot of water under the bridge and there was really no reason. My life had gone on without him in it.

"I am busy raising three little girls, 8, 10 and 11. The relationship between my son and I was basically fractured severely years ago and there wasn't a reason to reach out. I was done -- like, finished."

At the center of their ongoing drama: Sands.

While both men insist A.J. never had any inappropriate relations with his stepmom, Lamas does admit, "There are certain things that he did, certain actions that he undertook that had severe consequences. I just didn't want to be his friend," he said.

"Me and my father have always been best friends, or worst enemies, since I was a kid," AJ says. "He has always been Superman, I have always been Lex Luther."

Their relationship began to deteriorate when AJ turned 11, Lamas conceded.

"That was the same summer that I met my last wife, Shauna. There was a big fracture in the relationship, I think, because of the timing of when I brought her into my life.

"I tried for several years to still be a father, to still patch things up, to get him to understand that I am a man and a man has needs and if you really loved your dad, you would want him to be happy."

"He broke my heart," AJ says. "I will always love that guy. I can't say I love him right now, but we are getting there."

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