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Falcon Crest Question of the Week! Falcon Crest had so many great villains. Who was the best? Which villain or villainess did you like the most? And why? Share your thoughts.
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Unknown said...

To me the best villain will always be Melissa. But not for the reasons most would think. I feel that Melissa was her own worse enemy. Every time she would get her hands on something good she would do something horrible to sabotage it and herself. She was Angela's number 1 nemesis until hear "death." (sorry..I refuse to believe Melissa is dead...I made up a back story years ago that Angela had Melissa committed to a psych ward and faked her death) Ana-Alicia and Jane Wyman had such wonderful acting chemistry!

A second choice for me would be either Jeff Wainwright or Charlie St. James. Mostly because those characters gave both Maggie and Emma some juicy storylines!