Falcon Crest Soundtrack

Hi Falcon Crest fans,
I'd like to announce the release of an album with the Falcon Crest Soundtrack.

Some of you might know I'm working as a composer and I performed some of the show's themes in the past. Many people asked if I could release them and I still receive requests to do some tunes from Falcon Crest. So I've decided to make an album with my favorite tracks. In the last few weeks I've worked very hard on this and the result is an album with 15 of my favorite tracks. 

The album will include the Falcon Crest Main Theme, Maggie's Theme, Nicole Sauguet's Theme, Lance & Lorraine's Theme, Julia's theme and a Dance Club Version of the Main Theme as well as the Chill Out Version (which is already on youtube).

The album is scheduled to be released in the middle of July, 2013. So check back for a specific release date.

I hope you'll like the album :-)

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! It'll be great! Congratulations from Barcelona. I hope we have news early. But I'd like this also includes: the theme performed by Angela Morley in the last scene of 8th season (Maggie and kids leave in car Richard's house) (I love this theme)and the soundtrack that sounds while Melissa burns Falcon Crest (8th season, "Dust to Dust"). Lots of thanks! Oliver