Falcon Crest Soundtrack available on July 15

We have a release date: The soundtrack album "Falcon Crest: Themes from the Television Series" will be released on July 15, 2013 as a Limited CD Edition and as a download edition (amazon, iTunes).

To pre-order the Limited CD Edition please visit this website: www.marcbradleymusic.com/music_cd_falcon_crest_soundtrack_order.htm

 Here's the track listing:

1.  Falcon Crest Main Theme 2:06
2.  Maggie's Theme 2:06
3.  Driving to Falcon Crest 0:36
4.  Lance & Lorraine's Theme 1:30
5.  Maggie & Richard's Theme 2:01
6.  Lance & Melissa's Theme 2:23
7.  Maggie's Theme (Acoustic Version) 2:55
8.  Nicole Sauguet's Theme 1:49
9.  Julia's Theme 2:15
10.  Kit & Tony's Theme 1:04
11.  Lance & Melissa's Theme (Piano Version) 1:17
12.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Symphonic Version) 2:18
13.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Sentimental Version) 1:18
14.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Chill Out Version) 5:22
15.  Falcon Crest Main Theme (Summer Dance Club Version) 4:14

And here you may listen to a snippet:

Enjoy! Hope you'll like it :-)


Nancy said...

Nice work! These are lovely and brought back a lot of memories...

Anonymous said...

Hello, as I live in Canada I would like to purchase an actual hard copy of this cd but the link you have provided only shows downloadable links. Are the limited edition cd's sold out? Thanks.

Falcon Crest Blog said...

I'm afraid, all hard copies are sold out. But you can still purchase it as a download on amazon and iTunes.