John Saxon in new movie "The Extra"

Recently, John Saxon (75) was working on the new movie "The Etxra".
Saxon plays Victor Valiant, a screen legend who stars in an upcoming film
which Joe Fierrereaux aka Derrick Stone (Tyrone Power Jr.) and his friends are working on as background actors or ‘extras’.
Bad boy movie star Derrick Stone books himself as an extra as a prank. When he arrives on set, no one recognizes him as Derrick Stone, they just think he looks like Derrick Stone. Finding new friends and a love interest in Mary, the wardrobe assistant, he begins living a double identity as Derrick and Joe, the extra. Events collide and comedy ensues as Derrick's stardom is put at risk, and Derrick is put to the test as Joe, begins to take over his life

There is no release date confirmed yet. More information on the movie can be found on the official page  www.theextrathemovie.com or on their facebook site.


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