Shayne Lamas Calls Off Wedding

Shayne Lamas, the winner of "The Bachelor" reality show, has reportedly dumped "The Bachelor" Matt Grant, according to reports Friday.

Lamas and Grant were engaged, but Lamas has reportedly called off the engagement and wedding. On Wednesday, the New York Post reported that Lamas, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas, had cheated on Grant with Las Vegas media mogul Justin Weneger.

Lamas and Grant were on the TV Guide Channel in May, expressing their love for one another and stressed the bond of their relationship.

Grant selected Lamas over Chelsea Wanstrath in the final episode of "The Bachelor: London Calling".


Melissa said...

Just a little more trivia: Shayne is Lorenzo's second child - oldest daughter - which Michelle Smith bore in November 1985. Smith was the press spokeswoman for Falcon Crest back then. Lamas married her in May 1983. They stayed together for 2 years - the time in which Falcon Crest was in its 3rd and 4th season.

Anonymous said...

Lamas, apellido muy gallego