Falcon Crest Season 4 on iTunes

Some of you might wonder how the quality of the season 4 downloads on iTunes looks like. I’ve attached some pictures so you get an idea. Some episodes look very good, others have the usual quality we already know from season 2.

Unfortunately, only 13 episodes have the teasers included, the other episodes start with the Falcon Crest Opening.

It seems all episodes are uncut (based on the running time) but I haven’t checked them fully out yet.

Especially episode 4x30 looks brilliant with a very sharp and colorful picture. Most of the episodes have been sharpened, but not remastered. Episode 4x01 looks a bit blurry and could use some contrast and color.

But even without a full remastering it looks way better than all the episodes we know from soapnet and I think it’s totally worth buying. The current price is $29.99. For a season with 30 episodes quite good.

The format of the files is m4v (itunes files), so you can watch them on the iTunes application and with Quicktime. I don’t know if you can burn them (I doubt it as they are DRM protected). But with the help of some programs you can convert them into any other video files.

I really don’t know if it will (ever) come out on DVD. But for the moment I’m just glad it was released at all. A download release is better than no release.

And even though it’s officially only available to US costumers… with a bit help of Google everyone from every country can find a way to buy and download it. It’s quite easy. Smile 

Here are some example pictures:

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