Jane Wyman To Receive Star in Palm Springs

Wyman_Jane%252072.01%2520Portrait%255B3%255DA star for Jane Wyman! On May 11, 2014 Jane Wyman will receive a posthumous tribute with her own star in Palm Springs, located on the sidewalk in the community where she lived for many years (in front of the Azul Restaurant at 369 North Palm Canyon Drive).

Last year, president Bob Walker of the Palm Springs Walk of Stars was seeking $5,000 in donations for Jane’s star (see our news dated 26 September 2013) and now it’s final: Jane will get her well-deserved star.

According to falconcrest.org the event managers were able to get "Falcon Crest" co-producers, executive story consultants and script writers Stephen Black and Henry Stern to deliver a speech during the ceremony. They both worked closely with Jane Wyman for more than two and a half seasons on "Falcon Crest" and have been members of the community in Palm Springs for years.

"Falcon Crest" cast & crew members will attend the festivities. A screening of one of Jane's movies will take place on the evening of the star ceremony.

The event is open to the public, and fans are welcome to attend.

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