Season 3 DVD

According to amazon and to the Falcon Crest Fanclub, amazon Germany was just overwhelmed by the amount of orders and therefore ordering was now closed for a couple of weeks. So, be patient: Ordering will be possible again in a few weeks. I know, it's disappointing to wait again.. but it's worth it... I've received my copy from the States last week and I can tell you the picture quality is amazing, you'll love it.

Please order your season 3 set as soon as the offer is available again. Warner Bros. is happy with the successful beginning of the sales, but WHV Germany is still a good number away from the necessary sales to break even. Reaching the break even point is essential to lay the groundwork for getting season 4 released.

BTW: Season 3 can also be ordered through hopshopgo.com

And here are some examples for the extraordinary picture quality of season 3:

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