William R. Moses Interview & new play

William R. Moses will be starring in the new play "Sexy Laundry" at the Stage West Theatre in Calgary. The play will open September 5, 2012.

More infos here: http://www.stagewestcalgary.com/shows.html#SexyLaundry

There's also a great new interview online in which he talks about his days as Cole on Falcon Crest.


Moses brings sparkle to town in Dirty Laundry

By Louis Hobson ,Calgary Sun
To say William R. Moses is one of television’s more familiar faces is an understatement.

For the past three decades Moses has starred in or guest starred on every major TV series from his debut on Fantasy Island in 1981 to The Mentalist, The Glades and Castle this past season.
It’s not his one nighters that have made Moses a small- screen favourite, but such series as Falcon Crest, Perry Mason Murders, Melrose Place, Fame and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Moses was just 22 when he landed the role of Cole Geoberti on Falcon Crest, still a reigning superstar of night time soaps because it played to as many as 40-million fans each Friday night from 1981 to 1990.
“I did 139 shows in six years. Falcon Crest was an amazing experience. I was a real novice when I got the role, so I have never forgotten how blessed and lucky I was.
“Jane Wyman, who was the star of the show, used to call me the dumb kid who knew nothing and then, through example, proceeded to show me the ropes as did Susan Sullivan and Robert Foxworth, who played my parents,” says Moses, who is headlining Stage West’s new comedy Dirty Laundry that opens Thursday.
He says the only downside of Falcon Crest was the producers marketed him for the first few seasons as the show’s beefcake.
“There are still some of those embarrassing shirtless photos of me hidden on the Internet. I was never comfortable with that approach but that’s what the producers wanted.”
No sooner had Falcon Crest wrapped but Moses was hired to play Ken Malansky opposite Raymond Burr in the TV movie Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson.
The pairing of Moses and Burr was so electric that they did 24 more Perry Mason movies together.
“Raymond was a very complicated person but he was also a very caring, loving man and it was another true blessing just to be around him.”
Moses didn’t exactly stumble into acting.
It was in his blood.
His mother was Marian McCargo, a film actress whose beauty was often compared to Grace Kelly.
McCargo starred in such films as The Undefeated with John Wayne, Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell with Gina Lollobrigada and Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round with James Coburn.
When McCargo divorced her first husband Richard Cantrell Moses in 1963 she was left to raise their four sons on her own.
“Before my mom married my stepfather (politician Alphonzo E. Bell Jr.) she had some pretty famous boyfriends such as Gene Hackman and Robert Logia but I was too young to realize that.
“What I wasn’t too young to realize was that my mom gave up her career to raise us four boys and my three stepbrothers.” A lighter look at the sacrifices people make for marriage is the subject of Dirty Laundry, the Stage West comedy that has brought Moses to Calgary for its Sept. 5 opener.
It is the story of a couple trying to bring some spark and sparkle back into their marriage.

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