Falcon Crest DVD Release Campaign on Facebook

There is a Facebook page which is dedicated to the future release of seasons 3 through 9 of Falcon Crest in all worldwide regions. This is an effort to prove to Warner Bros that there is a dedicated fan base for this series and it is in high demand for continued releases on DVD.

 Please click the "Like" button on this Facebook page to help convince WARNER BROS. to speed up the release of the remaining seasons (3 through 9).
This campaign was started by fans in the U.S., headed by Tom Tagliente.

By clicking the LIKE button, you are not only supporting the cause, you are also supporting the release of seasons 3 through 9 of FALCON CREST on DVD in all territories

Please help, click the like button and share it on Facebook.

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Tom Tagliente said...

Mrc, thank you for reposting this information on your blog. I read it frequently. It is wonderful.