Season 3 DVD release postponed!

Very bad news for German speaking Falcon Crest Fans: According to the Falcon Crest Fanclub, season 3 will not be released in 2012! So, we have to pray for 2013.

Right now, it seems that only the U.S. will release Season 3 in 2012 (as a "made on demand" release and only for people who live in the U.S.)

In an earlier statement, The WARNER BROS. headquarters in Burbank, CA suggested that all fans, who are interested in the continuation of the DVD release, leave an entry on the WARNER ARCHIVE COLLECTION's Facebook website: www.facebook.com/warnerarchive

For information and updates please visit the Falcon Crest Fanclub at www.falconcrest.org.

Here's the fanclub's press release:

According to WARNER BROS. Entertainment (Germany), contrary to previous expectations, the Burbank headquarters did not schedule the season 3 DVDs for the German speaking markets for 2012 - despite the German division's interest in the release.
In a conversation with DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER, WHV Marketing Director KAI UWE MARNER regretted this development; the reasons given by the Burbank headquarters are more important other projects and limited production capacity for older shows. It was discussed if this means the discontinuation of the release. WARNER HOME VIDEO, however, stated that this is not the case. The DVD release of "Falcon Crest" is still on the agenda. Contrary to other old shows, whose DVD release was completely abolished due to weak sales (e.g. "Knots Landing"), "Falcon Crest" has not been removed from WARNER HOME VIDEO's range of products.
An early 2013 release is now aimed for.

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