Jamie Rose in new movie "Route 30 Too!"

Filming has just ended on December 21 for the second part of a trilogy featuring Route 30 and its untold stories in southcentral Pennsylvania.
"Route 30 Too!" involves interwoven
stories of residents along the Lincoln Highway. This time, their adventures include ghosts and aliens battling it out.
The cast and crew are a collection of Los Angeles-based veterans and local talents that Putch has gotten to know through the years.
Jamie Rose, who plays Dot the alien hunter in "Too!," grew up in Hollywood and appreciates the chance to work on a small, independent film.
"There isn't the feeling of camaraderie (on a bigger film), that say, (Putch's) father had. I think John Putch has created that sort of Totem Pole Playhouse repertory company, except in film. It makes it so nice to work," said Rose, who first worked with Putch on "ABC Afternoon Specials" nearly 30 years ago.
"I'd rather make less money and have more fun at this point in my life," said Rose, "I want to be happy at the end of the day and Putch has provided all of us with that."

For more information on Jamie' new movie, go to www.route30too.com.
And there's a nice video on youtube. While shooting "Route 30 Too" Jamie Rose interviews some ladies from Chambersberg PA about their thoughts on what they find sexy in a man.

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