More Stars to attend Falcon Crest Reunion

On October 12, a Falcon Crest Reunion will be held at the Paley Center for Media (see our news dated 2010-07-15).

These Falcon Crest Cast and Crew Members have accepted the invitation and will be there to answer questions and to look back on one of the most popular and exemplary shows of the decade.

Earl Hamner, Creator/Executive Producer
Susan Sullivan, "Maggie Gioberti"
Lorenzo Lamas, "Lance Cumson"
Abby Dalton, "Julia Cumson"
Ana-Alicia, "Melissa Agretti"
Jamie Rose, "Vickie Gioberti"
Margaret Ladd, "Emma Channing"
William R. Moses, "Cole Gioberti"

Additional panelists to be announced.

If you live near LA, you'll have the chance to be there! Tickets are still on sale!

So great to see them all together again. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

David Selby will be attending. It's been posted on his Twitter account and his Facebook page. The webmaster says it should be on the site later today.