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... The show gets additional zing from Castle's ex-wife and editor (Monet Mazur), his plucky teenage daughter (Molly C. Quinn) and "Dharma & Greg's" Susan Sullivan, who romps through her scenes as Rick's madcap, live-in actress mom.
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...Susan Sullivan (Greg's mom on "Dharma and Greg") whoops it up as Castle's Broadway-diva mother who trolls his book-launch party looking for a new beau.

"I just got a hit on my graydar," she says, eyeing an older gentleman. "Stand back, kids. Momma's going fishing."

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...It might also be nice to see Rick get roughened up a little. Though he's presented as something of a bad boy, the character is almost too nice, raising a stable teenage daughter (Molly Quinn) and putting up with his ex-actress mom (Susan Sullivan, who could challenge 90210's Jessica Walter to a boozy grandma-off) crashing at his house.
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Anonymous said...

Not watching this at all. Not interested. Susan looks very old! She is not aging well.

Anonymous said...

Disagree! The woman is 66, if she's not aging gracefully - who is?!

Falcon Crest Blog said...

I agree with you. Susan looks great! She's not one of these Botox women who think they look good. Susan Sullivan still has class.

Harry Heuser said...

Thank you for alerting me to Castle. I didn't care for the pilot, but I very much like Susan Sullivan (or, as I call her, the American Ruth Leuwerik).

I'm keeping up with your journal since I am currently following Falcon Crest on Zone Romantica in the UK. We're midway through season 5 now. I used to watch the series when it originally aired in Germany.

Best, Harry

Falcon Crest Blog said...

Harry, thanks for your note.
Haha... the American Ruth Leuwerik... Great!! You made my day ;-)

I also used to watched the original airing in Germany ;-)

Have a great day