Falcon Crest DVD Cover

It seems, this is the Official Front Cover:

The German Falcon Crest Fanclub posted some information about the Cover (interesting for hardcore fans ;-) :

Package Design (Current Artwork Draft)

The falcon coat of arms does not exactly resemble the show logo:

  • The redesigned logo is a simplified body, particularly without the detailed coat of arms in the center.
  • The falcon's tail feathers are completely new to the logo.
  • The falcon's claws are much too long compared to the original design.
The typefaces do not resemble any of the show's fonts:

  • Instead of using any of the show's typical typefaces ("Letraset Romic", "Benguiat Book" and "Foxglove"), the show's title is written in the "Trajan" font; the other lettering is in the "Haettenschweiler" font.
  • The burgundy color of the lettering does not resemble any of the show's typical colors (yellow and red from the early years, gold and blue from the later years).
The character pictures are a combination of various publicity stills:

  • The pictures of JANE WYMAN, BILLY R. MOSES and JAMIE ROSE are from season 1 single portraits.
  • The pictures of ROBERT FOXWORTH, SUSAN SULLIVAN, LORENZO LAMAS and ABBY DALTON are from the season 1 cast group portrait.
  • The background of the compilation is awkward; it does not resemble any of the filming locations used for the series, but looks like a generic door to some undefined building.
Some of the photos in the row on the cover are not related to the original series:

  • Obviously, photo 2 was not taken in one of the vineyards originally used as a filming location.
  • The wine labels on the bottles in photo 4 do not resemble any of the Falcon Crest wine labels as featured on the show. They are, however, real wine labels for the wine produced by one of the major Napa Valley filming locations, Spring Mountain Vineyards.

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TampAGS said...

Thanks for the thorough analysis of the cover. I wouldn't have expected such a review so detailed as to include the fonts that were used, but was thrilled nonetheless that you did. Especially since I have and frequently use both Trajan and Haettenschweiler in my own design projects.

My parents actually have a bottle matching those bottles used in the photo, and the labels do read "Falcon Crest". Spring Mountain released the line to tie-in to the show and capitalize on its popularity. They featured full-color artwork of the Villa Miravalle. At the time, the labels used on Spring Mountain's regular wines featured a monochromatic illustration of the house. I think my parents' bottle is vintage 1982, though I can't recall for sure. We bought it at Spring Mountain around '85 or '86, at which time I took the tour and stood there on the home's front steps. It was such a thrill for me!