News about Falcon Crest coming to DVD

This is from the Falcon Crest Fanclub Website (www.falconcrest.org):

In a phone conversation, DIANA BEILER informs DFCF President THOMAS J. PUCHER about the latest news:

* Due to the overwhelming success of "Falcon Crest" particularly in Europe, the DVD release will take place in Region 2 only at this time, beginning in Germany on April 3. The next release will take place in Spain shortly after that. The release in the United Kingdom is roughly scheduled later in 2009; WARNER BROS. (U.K.) has not decided on the exact release date for their domestic market yet.
* WARNER BROS. has not made a final decision yet if and when there will be a Region 1 (U.S. and Canada) release.
* There are plans to release the following seasons on DVD also. The final decision, however, depends on the sales figures per quarter of the year, which each foreign WARNER BROS. branch has to report to the studio headquarters in Burbank, CA / USA. So it is highly important that as many fans as possible buy the season 1 DVDs as soon as possible to secure a release of the later seasons.


shanejm said...

I'm so happy for those of you that are in Region 2!!! It looks like we may be waiting a long time if not forever to get this wonderful show on DVD in the US. Enjoy one of the best shows ever!!!

Bimbo Boy said...

Finally!!! <3

Bimbo Boy said...

I think it will be released in Sweden too! I'm so happy. They recently added the show to the biggest online shop in Sweden as "coming":

Anonymous said...

Finally!!!!! It was something hoped. I think they won't include extra material, that's a pity, because it would be an excellent idea to include interviews of stars, of Jane Wyman particulary...