Sarah Douglas attending convention in Germany

The Germanstarcon is taking place on April 12, 2008 in Münster / Germany -- with a special guest appearance by Sarah Douglas (Pamela Lynch).

Visit the event webiste for more information: http:www.germanstarcon.de.

The hosts provide tickets and vouchers for photo shootings in a competition exclusively for Falcon Crest fans.
You can participate in the competition thru the Falcon Crest website, http://www.falconcrest.org -- go to the News section for further information or click here directly: http://www.falconcrest.org/english/m...?path=news/win.

Please be advised the DFCF (http://www.falconcrest.org) passes on the e-mails regarding to the competition to the Germanstarcon hosts only and is neither affiliated with the competition itself nor the convention in any way.

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