Jane Badler at the Golden Plains Festival

For all the people who were wondering was Jane Badler (Meredith Braxton from FC's season 6) is doing these days: What less people know: Jane is not only a great actress, she's also an excellent singer. Jane Badler (54) has been singing since she was five. She started singing professionally at 18 with various bands. One of her first gigs was her own show at the Playboy Club in New York.

For the last six years, Jane has focused on Jazz and Cabaret.
Recently, the Australian singer and actress has been singing with the Band "SIR".
On March 10, 2008 Jane and SIR will be playing at the Golden Plains Festival in Victoria, Australia also featuring Ween, Sharyon Jones,Iron @ Wine and Beurit.

You can check out two songs and some great photos on Jane's MySpace Site.

Besides her singing career, Jane is still acting. She has just finished the movie "Under a red Moon" with Richard Norton. Check out the Official Website to see the Trailer and Cast Interviews.

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